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06 Jan 2014, 9:07 am

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Regina » 06 Jan 2014 8:03 am wrote:
RichClem » 06 Jan 2014 7:07 am wrote:
It's only a few years from bankruptcy, troll, and both Obama and Dems have promised to kill any reform.

You idiot leftists think "the rich" have a huge pool of money that has no bottom.

No, the "rich" don't have anywhere near the money to do that.


I was referring to income, and I am correct.

But what, you want to start to tax wealth now? Karl Marx is long dead.

Get over it. :loco:

Second, your chart is stupidly wrong, because it leaves out trillions of middle class wealth.

And third, given that millions of Americans live on welfare for long periods of time, why does it matter they have little worth?

Let them get off their butts and work like everyone else. And no, I don't mean those Americans who have fallen on hard times and want to work.