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Posted by Karma Kommando
06 Jan 2014, 5:35 pm

Post 06 Jan 2014, 5:35 pm

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bigsky » 02 Jan 2014 5:13 pm wrote: and your wife are quite the fucking hypocrites...first of all your wife dont like anyone callin you a whore...and neither do you...and second...your wife was all about free speech and chuck is a dick this and ass hole that for SUSPENDING him...

go back and read the thread chickie was oz that started fucking with chickie...chickie tried to ignore her...

just so you know...and you can check my private messages you whore...chickie didnt plan on hanging around here any way..she found the place and dropped by to say hi...i talked her into hanging your little win...well not so much

didnt show well for cannons character to side with your wife or oz either...really too bad...maybe he is spending too much time with losers like you...maybe your rubbin off on him...hard to tell...

fuckin hypocrit scum bags...

I'd seriously love to know how it feels to be this stuipd

If you like 'hanging out' with deranged lunatics (who Chuck himself banned and reported to the police for IRL stalking and death threats against family members)- then go back tp 4chan. or NAMBLA forum or wherever the cat dragged you from, you kiddie-diddling fag

In the meantime might want to quit embarrassing yourself. lol - whining about "free speech" over someone getting banned (who the owner of the other site had to ban himself and report to police)? Please, continue to amuse me kid, lol