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04 Jan 2014, 9:30 pm

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Nope, but I do know that not everyone is in the same situation as he.

Obviously not. But most megacorporations are. Unless you're talking about small businesses. They pay them very little because their legal mandate is to maximize profits and they can do so in that way.

The only business I CREATED was a side business and I had no employees. I did run a wholesale franchise for 10 years + and gave each of my employees dealer discount. And guess what - they bought product all the time. So now you can answer MY question as to what you know about business, through experience, to declare what you did.

I am a private tutor. I am my own employee :)
I am also a history educator, so I have a pretty wide knowledge base of historical models of businesses and how they have operated (for good or ill). I have seen the practice done in the past across different socities and then seen these models abandoned, not because they didn't work, but because the model of business changed to one that gave shareholders and owners more money at the expense of everyone else. In the early 20th centuries, during the progressive era, many businesses operated under a concept of corporate progressive paternalism with extensive social engineering and welfare departments. Workers benefited from these practices that were eventually dropped because it was cheaper to force the cost of public welfare on government, charity and pay the workers peanuts.

That's the kind of statement I expect from someone who doesn't know the first thing of which he squawks. You go right ahead and tell me where I ever showed hatred for government employees.

You are a conservative. A talking point of the vast majority of conservatives involves hating government, and by extension, government workers. Just look at Richclem, who routinely proclaims government employees are parasitical leeches. I don't see why you would be any different, as you adhere to the same sociopolitical system.