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roadkill's Photo Today, 7:23 am 6 Comments

Why Did Mueller Hire so many High Level Dem Lawyers? The investigation is about appearances not evidence. Mueller may have hired all these dem lawyers to cause Trump to shut down the witch hunt investigation. Ben Stein puts it best... ... al-career/
roadkill's Photo Today, 7:16 pm 9 Comments

Gee...who would have guessed. Why is it that the left always takes the 5th. "CO-FOUNDER OF FIRM THAT PRODUCED DIRTY DOSSIER ON TRUMP TO TAKE THE FIFTH" ... -the-fifth
User avatar
User avatar Yesterday, 2:38 pm 35 Comments

He cracked under the pressure! Image [b]Spicer cracked under the pressure! Trumps ship is listing badly, hit the rocks and is taking on water. The mutinees have stolen all the lifeboats, and are tossing people overboard to the sharks![/b]
Inglorious Bastards's Photo Yesterday, 5:05 pm 16 Comments

hi hi hi.....don't be shy.....weva missedya hon
roadkill's Photo Yesterday, 10:57 pm 14 Comments

You said about the tarmac meeting between AG Lynch and Bill Clinton..."No Deals Were Struck". GailyBee...could you please elaborate on that? All I would like to know did you come to that conclusion? TIA
Inglorious Bastards's Photo 20 Jul 2017, 12:18 pm 57 Comments

it was ruled a suicide.......believable considering he was ready to testify...move on, nothing to see ... shot-head/
roadkill's Photo 20 Jul 2017, 8:14 pm 12 Comments

The establishment's power is threatened. They will try traditional methods to defeat Trump for a while...if it fails I believe assassinations will follow. We're dealing with organized crime.
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User avatar 11 Mar 2011, 2:42 pm 13545 Comments

This thread is more like a blog, where I post the stuff that maybe doesn't warrant a whole thread, but is of interest to me, and where I vent about it. It also serves as a sort of a journal for someone like me with a notoriously bad memory. Skip to the end of the thread for the most recent issues that got my attention. ************************************************************************ NH GOP Senator Says The Mentally Ill Are Defective People That Should Be Shipped Off To Siberia :wave:
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User avatar 19 Jul 2017, 8:13 am 82 Comments

Thinking and behaving are different how? I have explained my behavior staying focused on the how and why rather than who gets to direct the what, where, when, and who plays roles of superior and inferior characters of social significance at denying the self evident and maintaining societal evolution as practiced socially ancestrally within the physical limitations of only existing currnetly.
roadkill's Photo 19 Jul 2017, 7:23 am 33 Comments