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Termin8tor's Photo Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:07 pm 20 Comments

Is Pennsylvania turning Red? The indictment below is more than a one-time event. It reflects the deep corruption of much of the Democrat Party in that state, especially Phillie. We might well be at a huge historical turning point, where the combination of Democrat corruption and the left's takeover of the Democrat Party combine to cause it collapse. :) A well deserved event. And note that this guy was Phillie's top prosecutor! :blink:
Philadelphia’s Democratic DA Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges Seth Williams charged with taking more than $160,000 in luxury gifts, cash BY: Madeleine Weast March 21, 2017 5:10 pm Philadelphia's top prosecutor, Democratic District Attorney Seth Williams, was charged Tuesday with taking more than $160,000 in luxury gifts, Caribbean trips, and cash, often in exchange for official favors. Williams, a career prosecutor, was under investigation for nearly two years, according to an unsealed bribery and extortion indictment. ... n-charges/
OdeToJoy's Photo Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:11 am 30 Comments

Healthcare not an issue. Jobs; forget about it. Repairing the Infrastructure. Don't worry about it. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. ... 2b0d17ffb7? Congress Votes To Kill Protections For Wolves, Bears On Alaska Refuges The only thing standing in the way of the GOP-backed measure becoming law is Donald Trump’s signature. WASHINGTON — With the stroke of his pen, President Donald Trump could allow for bears, wolves and other predators to once again be hunted in Alaska’s national wildlife refuges. Following in the footsteps of their House colleagues, Senate lawmakers on Tuesday approved a measure to repeal an Obama-era rule that largely banned hunting of Alaska’s most iconic predators on more than 76 million federal acres. The Republican-sponsored legislation would undo the Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule, ultimately opening the door for the state to resume aggressive predator control tactics, including shooting bears and wolves from airplanes and killing cubs and pups in their dens. The Senate passed the resolution by a 52-47 party-line vote. It was adopted last month by the House, so the measure now heads to Trump’s desk for final approval... Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) was among those who spoke out against the measure to repeal the FWS rule, saying the hunting community must embrace ethical standards when it comes to managing wildlife. “While shooting sow grizzlies with cubs may be legal, I suspect the public will never view it as ethical,” he said. “And I have to wonder what good old [Theodore Roosevelt] would have to say about recent decisions to allow unlimited bag limits on black bear cubs, or baiting of bears or shooting female grizzlies with cubs?” Fish and Wildlife did not immediately respond to The Huffington Post’s request for comment.  In a blog post published to HuffPost in August, on the day the wildlife protection ruling was finalized, former FWS Director Dan Ashe pointed out that this new rule would stop Alaska’s Intensive Management Law, with which the Alaska Board of Game had “unleashed a withering attack on bears and wolves that is wholly at odds with America’s long tradition of ethical, sportsmanlike, fair-chase hunting.”  Environmental groups blasted the Senate’s decision to strip away protections for Alaska predators.  In a statement, Jamie Rappaport Clark, president and CEO of Defenders of Wildlife, said that in passing the resolution, Congress failed not only bears and wolves but “the American people who support balanced, scientific management of our National Wildlife Refuge System.”  “This warped resolution condones extreme practices to kill carnivores and their young, and is a disturbing abdication of federal authority over public lands and resources owned by all Americans,” she said. “President Trump should veto this threat to wildlife and our natural heritage.” Brett Hartl, government affairs director at the Center for Biological Diversity, said killing predators in such a “cruel, unsportsmanlike fashion is outrageous.”  “Senate Republicans have shown just how mean-spirited and petty they are with today’s vote,” he said in a statement. The National Rifle Association is among the groups that have supported abolishing the Obama-era protections. Last month, Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, called the Obama administration’s rule a “last-minute attack on outdoorsmen.” Image
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User avatar Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:40 pm 18 Comments

I am getting conflicting reports. I am going to try contacts for the first time in my life. I have dry eyes and I am starting treatment for that. I am going with the Toric Continuous Wear lenses. I can wear them for a month at a time. Does anyone else wear the monthly contacts? Anyone have dry eyes? Can you sleep in them?
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User avatar Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:58 am 26 Comments

Ten years ago, my niece's fiance - a wealthy, hard working, hard-philandering, status conscious, keeping up with the joneses, sneaky fuck - died on her. He OD'd - he was sneaking around using hard drugs. She lived with me for 8 years, during which she went through about 5 guys she was serious about. None of them were much of an improvement over her "soul mate" she was trying to replace. Most were sexually scarred. One was into motocross - basically, a bunch of bad boys. Then she took up with a dirty jew - I'll call him irving. Irving is a little bitty guy - and not wiry little, either. Jew little. John Stewart little. He's a really sweet guy, really quite decent. Has a modest trust fund, not very ambitious - more the artsy type. Spends it before he get is, that sort of thing. And my niece is more materialistic than average. She cocktails at a major casino in spite of a professional credential because the money is better. They were going at it hot and heavy, and my niece was getting ready for the 18 month dump I had observed her falling into - but this guy was different. He was right for her, even though she was seeing him as wrong. They were on the skids real hard, and he was coming over to my house, and my niece was getting co-signs from all the family members to dump him. Me, I held my counsel - my niece never came to me for cosigns because my love is the bruising kind. I'm brutal with the people I care about most, unless they're done cooking. She being in her twenties, hard truth still has the potential to bless, so I never held my punches. As a result, I wasn't a regular stop when she was collecting agreement. Irving gets there, you can see the cloud over his head. I tell him I need help moving a dresser in my bed room. We get there, I say, "I know she's been putting the screws to ya hard, Irving. How you doing?" He tells me, "I can't change who I am - and that's what she wants." I ask him one thing: "I know you're hurting, but I need you to tell me one thing. If she pulls out of this, and accepts you for who you are, is the love still there, or is that bridge burned?" He looks me dead in my eyes and tells me, "Yeah, man. I love her like crazy. I just can't be someone I'm not." I thanked him and we rejoined the party. So I hit the hot tub, got it all to myself, and my sister passes by, I tell her send my niece out. My niece shows, I spend the cred i never use - I tell her Irving is a good man, and you're comparing him to an idealized version of your dead fiance. The REAL version of your dead fiance, sweet heart, is that he was a lying cheater (In deference to her grief, I had only ever spoken well of Liar McLiarpants before that day). You liked his alpha streak, but everything you couldn't tolerate was everything he was. He was a sneak around doper and a sneak around philanderer and he only cared for you because you're eye candy. The minute your ass started to settle and you got a few wrinkles, he would have dumped you for a younger model, because keeping up with the joneses was all that he was about. He wasn't your soul mate - if you have a soul mate, he's in front of you, not behind you. You're about to dump the sweetest, most decent and honest guy you've ever dated, because he isn't ambitious enough. But you're forgetting that behind every successful man is a good woman. Your ambition is enough for the two of you, and his art is very good. You set him up a web site, you put him on a work schedule, you help him hustle work, and the two of you will be a perfect team. You don't need another you - Irving is everything you aren't, and vice versa. You can complete each other, but you each have to respect what the other brings to the table. He loves you as you are. I think he's worthy of the same from you. It's your life, and you have to live with whatever choice you make, not me. But there's my two cents from the outside looking in. You're not going to find a better man. I know my niece was very surprised at me getting into her business, and she thanked me, taking my counsel under advisement. This was all a couple of years ago. She moved in with Irving shortly after. I just got a text message with a picture of a 1 karat diamond engagement ring. Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about myself and pretty good about the two of them. They're making enough money between the trust fund, his art and her art, so that she can quit her job and he can quit his without giving up their comfortable middle class life style. She turned into an artsy little hippie, which is hilarious because that's what I told her I would love to see her do - unclench that kiester and wear some patchouli. I tell ya, I'm high as a kite - and not just on the Kratom and Kava I recently enjoyed at the local Kava bar. She's a solid girl, and he's a solid guy, and their marriage is gonna be a loving and lasting one. She was all wound up to dump him, but my words caused her to do the gut check she needed, and the rest is history. If things go the way I hope for, politically, in this country, I'll do everything I can to save Irving from the camps. :wub:
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User avatar Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:07 pm 22 Comments

By Allen L Roland, PhD on March 21, 2017 Image Commander-in- chief Trump in full plumage and ready for war. The last refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism and Donald Trump is well on the way toward claiming that refuge. Constant campaign rallies and fervant nationalism speak of America’s Trumph of the will moment in which Steve Bannon’s dystopian and totalitarian world becomes a reality. The perfect storm is looming ~ an out of control military-industrial complex, an unhindered fear driven administration and an ego driven president bent on self-destruction and a fade to black: Allen L Roland, PhD
“Instead, coming out of the gate, the new administration has focused on what Trump’s chief strategist and white nationalist Stephen Bannon promised to do several years ago: ‘bring everything crashing down”’ John Feffer, author of the new dystopian novel, Splinterlands.
Image A dystopia is a fictional world where people live under a highly controlled, totalitarian system. In his novel “Brave New World,” Aldous Huxley created a dystopia In Doubling Down on Dystopia (Preventing the Triumph of Trump’s Will) ~ John Feffer describes the dystopian Trump world we are already facing; “The Trump era so far is all about the center not holding, a time when, in the words of the poet Yeats, things fall apart. Forget about Hannah Arendt and The Origins of Totalitarianism — also a hot seller on Amazon — and focus more on chaos theory. Unpredictability, incompetence, and demolition are the dystopian watchwords of the current moment, as the world threatens to fragment before our very eyes.” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is being reduced to little more than an ornament as the new triumvirate of Trump, Bannon, and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner take over foreign policy (though Vice President Pence hovers in the background like a chaperone at the prom). Meanwhile, with a proposed $54 billion future hike in its budget, Trump’s Pentagon will remain untouched by the wrecking ball, as the new president presides over a devastating shrinkage of the government he dislikes and a metastasis of what he loves. (Think: giant, shiny aircraft carriers and self-glory) Image All that dust in the air comes, after all, from the chaotic first steps in a projected massive demolition process and may already be obscuring the fact that Trump is attempting to push through a fundamentally anti-American and potentially supremely unpopular program. He aims to destroy the status quo, as Bannon promised, and replace it with a new world order defined by three Cs: Conservative, Christian, and Caucasian. Feffer’s comments about The Triumph of the Will brings back memories of Nazi germany’s rise to power in the 1930’s and is well worth quoting ~ “Many Americans are now having their Triumph of the Will moment. They watch Donald Trump repeatedly without getting bored or disgusted. They believe that history has anointed a new leader to revive the country and restore it to its rightful place in the world. They’ve been convinced that the last eight years were a liberal dystopia and what is happening now is, if not utopian, then the first steps in that direction.” A hard core of those enthralled by Trump cannot be convinced otherwise. They hold liberal elites in contempt. They don’t believe CNN or The New York Times. Many subscribe to outlandish theories about Islam and immigrants and the continuing covert machinations of that most famous “Islamic immigrant” of them all, Barack Obama.” “For this hard core of Trump supporters, the United States could begin to break down, the economy take a nosedive, the international community hold the leadership in Washington in contempt, and they will continue to believe in Trump and Trumpism.” “Remember: even after Nazi Germany went down in fiery defeat in 1945, significant numbers of Germans remained in thrall to National Socialism. In 1947, more than half of those surveyed still believed that Nazism was a good idea carried out badly.” “Given that the administration’s dystopian vision is based on chaos and fragmentation, the oppositional response should be to unite everyone opposed, or even potentially opposed, to what Washington is now doing.” “To do so, however, we would need to put together a better plot, introduce some more interesting and colorful characters, and, before it’s too late, write a much better ending that doesn’t just leave us with explosions, screams, and fade to black. Bye-bye, EPA. Nighty-night, Department of Education. Nice knowing you, HUD. We sure will miss you, Big Bird and foreign aid See article ~ Trump’s unchecked ego is like a slowly imploding super nova which will eventually destroy everything he holds dear, similar to citizen Kane, when he is finally forced to face reality and the consequences of his actions. Beneath this impending darkness lies a Unified Field of love and soul consciousness which exists not only beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears and we continue to resist its urge to unite at our collective peril. The Trump/Bannon administration is also riddled with far-right white supremacists and now we find that President Donald Trump’s top counterterrorism adviser, Sebastian Gorka, is a member of a Hungarian far-right, Nazi-allied group. Amy Goodman speaks with reporter Larry Cohler-Esses, who first reported the allegations in The Forward, a leading Jewish American newspaper, See Democracy Now interview~ Image Make no mistake about this ~ the Trump / Bannon Dystopia will lead to war within a year and it will probably be centered in the South China Sea. Watch this Abby Martin expose on Steve Bannon and be forewarned ~ we are already sailing on the dark side. Video ~ 25 minutes ImageWe are running out of time, Folks ~ it’s time for action ~ there’s no change without action and true collective action usually involves a mass movement. Allen L Roland, PhD Heart centered spiritual consultant and advisor Allen L Roland can be contacted at [][/url] Allen is also a lecturer and writer who shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website He is also featured columnist on Veterans Today and is a featured guest on many radio and Television programs.
roadkill's Photo Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:13 pm 18 Comments

"Biden says Trump deserves a chance to govern" ... ubs_digest
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User avatar Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:38 pm 69 Comments

All that occurred today was reinforcing things we already knew. There has been an ongoing investigation, since last summer, to see if there was collusion between the Russian government and members of the trump campaign. We also learned that there has been a lot of false information in the press the last few months, per Comey, we also got confirmation that Obama did not order the wiretapping of trump. Stuff most of us already knew. Definitely not something to get BENT OUT OF SHAPE ABOUT. LMAO! Ps. Unless you are one of the ignorant posters that was clueless to this point.
roadkill's Photo Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:45 pm 14 Comments

Larry Johnson acknowledges Judge Napolitano's claim about British Intel... ... -fox-news/
LouCabrazi's Photo Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:01 pm 5 Comments

What does that tell you? :blink:
Termin8tor's Photo Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:41 pm 37 Comments

Cannonpointer » 18 Feb 2017 3:18 pm wrote:
Carter had no inflation, you stupid queer. When he took the office, Nixon's inflation was waiting to explode, due to exiting Bretton Woods, you uneducated queer. GOOGLE IT, ya fucking retard.
Here's your "no inflation" and your glorious Carter Economy, Dim. :rofl: :rofl:
On assuming office in 1977, President Carter inherited an economy that was slowly emerging from a recession. He had severely criticized former President Ford for his failures to control inflation and relieve unemployment, but after four years of the Carter presidency, both inflation and unemployment were considerably worse than at the time of his inauguration. The annual inflation rate rose from 4.8% in 1976 to 6.8% in 1977, 9% in 1978, 11% in 1979, and hovered around 12% at the time of the 1980 election campaign. ... conomy.htm
Only a psychotic would call 12% inflation "no inflation." And it was Carter's Fed Chief Treasury heads that re-ignited it, because liberals like Carter want inflation. That was accepted liberal economic philosophy. . Image
LouCabrazi's Photo Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:58 pm 20 Comments

He thinks its like a private club the US owns and members pay dues to the US. stupid fuck is unqualified.
LouCabrazi's Photo Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:39 pm 35 Comments

Budget watchdogs are criticizing the cost of President Trump's visits to Mar-a-Lago, his private club in Palm Beach, Florida. Mr. Trump has been at his so-called “Winter White House” the past three weekends. That's 11 of his first 33 days in office. The travel has an estimated price tag of $10 million.Feb 21, 2017 ========= I mean, all the time he’s on vacation! So I think it sends a very, very bad message. We have to work in this country to bring it back.” Donald Trump