What this room is and what it isn't

Started by greatnpowerfuloz

This political chat room is for serious debate, where there will be ZERO tolerance for trolling. A ghost thread will be created in NHB that is open for all to participate in. To post in this forum, request to join the Profundum group in the User Control Panel.

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Posted by greatnpowerfuloz
  22,707 20 Jan 2014, 1:54 pm

greatnpowerfuloz Uncharitable Bitch
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This room is for honest, respectful debate for those who desire it.

The topic poster can choose their own opponents via PM or open the debate to anyone who has a membership in the Profundum Disputatio group. The OP should state their preference in their opening post.

Honest, respectful debate means no trolling, no spamming the thread with worn out talking points which can't be supported by reliable and unbiased linked sources. No name-calling, invective or threats.

Honest, respectful debate does not mean the debate can't become a heated one, as long as all parties maintain a respectful attitude towards one another.

There are a number of NHB members who would probably gain a lot from the sport of real debate but sadly, this room is not for everyone. For them, there's the ghost threads on NHB. Those who can't behave themselves in this room will find themselves barred either temporarily or permanently or have their posts deleted or moved.

This room will also double as a holding room for resource information and threads that are deemed worthy of retention, like Hannibal's thread about the incestuous world of the talking head "sources" people often quote - their interrelationships with political organization and administrations.
A reference bank that can be easily accessed for the already sourced evidence that Bill Clinton did not have relations with Obama's Kenyan grandmother and cannonpointer is not a hermaphrodite....anymore.

I suspect this room will appeal to some more than others and what they're looking for will ultimately determine how it develops.

I will be culling some of the threads already started here.
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Posted by Cannonpointer
  17,533 20 Jan 2014, 11:30 pm

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Oh hell to the yeah.
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