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Posted by charles.thompson
  1,472 11 Jan 2017, 8:55 am

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Annoyed Liberall » 11 Jan 2017 7:22 am wrote:
charles.thompson » 11 Jan 2017 6:47 am wrote:
Cannonpointer » 10 Jan 2017 6:56 pm wrote:
Show one or you're bluffing. Telling me to google your evidence is an admission.

I got it - you guys have a meme, and I'm ignorant for not sharing your meme. Been there done that got the shirt, son.

Keep pretzeling, son. this:

at this point im amazed that you still think the mainstream media has any credibility at all. You can safely assume that everything they say about trump is a complete lie.

This was posted a couple pages ago.

well like i said, i shouldnt even need to post it. I dont know why liberals or movie stars dont care enough about fact to try to fact check stuff. This is the internet age, its literally as easy as a simple google search, they cant do it.
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Posted by Bigsky
  761 11 Jan 2017, 8:42 pm

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we have been

i dont always double down on failure my friends, but when i do, i vote for obama. stay jobless my friends -most interesting man in the world

people who put other members names in their signatures secretly want to suck that persons dick...


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