YES!! The Pigs Will Be Indicted!

Started by Rebel

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Posted by bobgnote
  1,842 31 May 2015, 12:27 pm

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I'm watching PBS, and Peter Marshall is all over to sell old BIG BAND music.

They used to hang their niggers back then.

And they'd imitate the poor fucks, with song and dance, all whitey-vampire like, and jimmy up a pie, full of crows, now and again.

You know there's a downlow ban, on acting like a nigger, yo. You can be treated, like that. And imitated.
Jesse Ventura's new show on RT calls up indies for some ridin'n'jonesin' as American Ride on BYU TV retires, after 10 seasons. Gov's son Tyrel Ventura has a talkie show with a blonde lady, Tabetha. Russians will influence the 2020 election, as Purin watches it, my bitches, germs, + n-words. My way and the high way and the free way and the WWE way! It'll go. Dwayne Johnson could get elected. Trumbo and Iron Man 3 and circumstances say one-term wonderbread is in the WH, until 2020, but THEN!
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