YES!! The Pigs Will Be Indicted!

Started by Rebel

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Posted by bobgnote
  1,540 31 May 2015, 12:27 pm

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I'm watching PBS, and Peter Marshall is all over to sell old BIG BAND music.

They used to hang their niggers back then.

And they'd imitate the poor fucks, with song and dance, all whitey-vampire like, and jimmy up a pie, full of crows, now and again.

You know there's a downlow ban, on acting like a nigger, yo. You can be treated, like that. And imitated.
Your grades: F/F/F numbers: 666 hot date: 6/6/2031 prospects: Hotter on 6/8/2032

DumptodaFrump = POTUS TRUMP, per Kelly's Heroes: kraut sergeant in Tiger, Don RICKles on R, Donald (similar voice, D.ROCK JOHNSON) Sutherland on L. Brendan Gleeson evokes Trump. JACK Gleeson as Joffrey in G.O.T. evokes A/G Sessions, Sen.Flake. I.S. is going U.S. over all the kafir baggage, loaded up on fugees the FAKE circus leaves in its corrupt wake.
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