I haven't seen this board groovin like this in a long time.

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Posted by Cedarswamp
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Cannonpointer » 10 Jan 2017 3:04 pm wrote:
At the end of the day, the quality of the beans is far less important than how they are roasted. There are only two methods: Slow roasted to perfection, or flash roasted to one dimension. Most are flash roasted.

To give you a sense of this, Starbucks' Verhona brand is slow roasted - everything else they offer is a flash roast, real cup o' shit.

There are loads of roast types - from light breakfast roasts to full dark Italian espressos. I like a shade darker then a French, so I buy the Guatemalan whole bean at Trader Joes. 8 bucks gets 13 ounces of perfect java, making me a happy pointer. This Guatemalan blend is fairly traded and organic, yet reasonably priced and consistently great.

All of Trader Joe's coffees are very good - and the fairly traded ones are a square deal. All other dealers in fairly traded beans that I've been able to find are scoundrels. The beans are not fairly traded at all - they've just shifted the ass rape from Juan Valdez to YOU. :twisted:

If you go to your local Trader Joe's and buy a fairly traded bean in your desired roast, you will be delighted with what your ADC produces. The secret's in the roast, and TJ's takes its time, every time. They get it right.

IMHO, you'd be well served to kick Juan Valdez to the curb a pick a coffee, grown and picked by Kunta Kinte.

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