Real Question For Trump Followers

Started by Invictus Rex

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Posted by golfboy
  48,016 11 Jan 2017, 2:17 pm

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Invictus Rex » 11 Jan 2017 7:06 am wrote:
How is Trump ever going to relate to the fact health care in this country is simply not affordable too most Citizens.

The same way Obama and the rest of the millionaires in DC can relate.

Invictus Rex » 11 Jan 2017 7:06 am wrote:
How is he going to relate to the fact you knocked uped blow job Betty drunk one night and you don't want this child, neither does she or god himself want the abomination coming into the world??? All he bangs is super models and not because of his looks or charm...

Why would he NEED to relate to your irresponsible choices?

Invictus Rex » 11 Jan 2017 7:06 am wrote:
Do you think trump would walk down your street at night let alone some ghetto street to get a feel for your community??

Yea, just like Obama.
ES » 07 Oct 2014 11:23 am wrote:
I've been doing face plants before your lies ever darkened any political forum.

Cannonpointer » 15 Oct 2014 10:46 am wrote:
Facts suck when you're a progressive.

Technocrat » 04 Sep 2014 12:15 pm wrote:
British invented English, you know.
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