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Posted by fran.frodsham
  1 01 Dec 2016, 11:59 am

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Nice to reward loyalty, but the selection of potential cabinet members is deplorable, and possibly dangerous to our economic health. Not just cabinet members but those who have the President's ear - Steve Bannon for one. An avowed racist, neo Nazi, and all around bigot -- they should get along well. Nothing like selecting a man (Mnuchin) who was largely responsible for the debacle at Goldman-Sachs to be our secretary of the treasury - do I hear recession AGAIN? And how about that wonderful guy - Jeff Sessions - as Attorney General. The bozo couldn't even get a federal judgeship because of his bigotry and hate spewing rhetoric and he's going to be our new attorney general possibly. Then we have Rudy to head the National Intelligence Agency - a man who can't keep his mouth shut and always has a secret to tell. Each day brings more garbage onto D.C.'s doorstep in the form of human waste to run the cabinet and the government. Couple this with a misogynist named Trump. My country has gone to hell in a handcart and even Mexico as an alternate country to go to looks better every day.
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