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17 Jun 2014, 1:32 pm

Post 17 Jun 2014, 1:32 pm
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MassLiberty » 17 Jun 2014 11:52 am wrote:
When I, a conservative, see a person struggling and down and out. My heart bleeds. My heart thinks about all the bad things that they must have faced to put them in that situation. How was their upbringing, where were their role models? They did not have things as lucky as I did when I came into this world.

I want to tell them they are special, that they are worthy, that they can do great things! I want to show them an example. I want to support them if they decide to take some steps forward. I want to show them discipline, show them perserverence, show them responsibility, show them the value of doing the right thing.

I want so much for this special creation of God to fulfill their greatest purpose. I look at them as my equal.

When a lib sees the same person, they see a victim. And they blame people like me for putting them there. They feel good if they can just give them crumbs to keep them surviving (better if they are my crumbs). They feel justified in forceing me to subsidize the existence of the victim that's in front of them because they can't better themselves.

They look at themselves as superior to both me (because they "care" more) and the victim (because, well they are clearly superior to the victim)

These are the differences I see. Tell me where I am wrong?

Yeah, well, go visit the food pantries and shelters that serve the homeless.

They are manned by bleeding heart liberals and their humanistic churches, nary a Gopper there.

The Goppers just pay lip service, and donate to charities mainly for the tax writeoff.

Nice script though! Where did you copy that from?