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anitamaria said:
JohnMiller » 04 May 2022, 6:20 pm » wrote: President Trump is the most educated president in the history of the United States.

Oh yes, he was so proud that he passed a test, he knew the difference  between a Giraffe  and  an Elephant!!  At that time we were talking about the leader of the free world!!  Scary or what?  Of course you believe in him,  but did you know that there are people that are begging for  workers but cannot get them. In Trumps properties  he employs mostly Mexicans, what a hypocrite,  you apply for a job, you will not get it. Mexicans are cheaper!!!

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Nobody said:
John Miller » 05 Sep 2019 8:55 pm » wrote:
Misty » 05 Sep 2019 8:51 pm » wrote:
crimsongulf » 05 Sep 2019 8:25 pm » wrote:Very strong The TDS is in this one
How deranged do you have to be to take a sharpie to a weather map and think that no one would notice?
President Trump didn't take the sharpie to the map. I did.
Being a very loyal man - possibly the most loyal man ever, and for sure the most loyal man ever to win the Whitehouse - with, I might add, the largest margin in history, - President Trump allowed himself to take the blame.
Mr. Miller!
Haven't seen you around for a very long time.
I thought you were dead.

How is your fellow publicist John Barron?
Is he still around?