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Posted by TheAmerican
04 Jan 2014, 7:05 pm

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skews13 » 04 Jan 2014 6:03 pm wrote:
golfboy » 04 Jan 2014 5:47 pm wrote:
Hannibal » 04 Jan 2014 5:26 pm wrote:

2) The individual who launched an unprovoked illegal war that destabilized the region.
3) Anyone who furthered those policies.

As usual, you have your priories fucked up. :\

So the guy who was handed a stabilized Iraq, and walked away handing it over to al Qaeda, bears no responsibility?

A stabilized Iraq? Obama was handed a cluster fuck in Iraq. He was also handed a cluster fuck of an economy. Both destabilized by the biggest failure of a President in American history. By getting rid of Saddam, not only was Iraq destabilized, but the whole region with it. But i'm not going to waste bandwith trying to explain the strategic failure that ultimately was. You're way to fucking ignorant to even comprehend that. Just like the last failure of a President. If I were an Al Qaeda leader in Iraq, I would hang a banner over one of the buildings saying "You were right George Bush, Mission Accomplished"

:rofl: :die: least ONE libturd showed up... even if it is dumbest one! Thanks for your 'great' comment! :die: