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GeorgeWashington » 12 Sep 2021, 6:16 pm » wrote: Asians are more white than white people..  just ask @danobivins

​​​​​​Unironically true

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Pengwin » 12 Sep 2021, 5:05 pm » wrote:
Neo » 12 Sep 2021, 5:00 pm » wrote: If someone has a racial chip on their shoulders, white or black or Asian, it's a serious character flaw.
***, chinks, and gooks are subjected to racism here daily.

Get over it.
Asians are more white than white people..  just ask @danobivins  

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danobivins » 24 Apr 2014, 10:10 am » wrote:
larryc12 » 24 Apr 2014 9:56 am » wrote:

1. I said nothing about "persecution", actually accusations - must you lie?

2. Your "STILL nothing" is either your own ignorance or your blatant dishonesty. Everyone else seems to know about the "returning vet terrorist threat", the "baby killer" charges, and the "sucking off the government teat", just to name a few. You probably do, too, but your intention to disparage and denigrate opposition is more important than your knowledge of what is obvious.
Statements of fact are "baseless whines" to the leftist progressive. Understood.

I'll tell you what I know for sure, fukwit. Not a single vet returning from Vietnam was EVER spat upon. It's a myth. And Vietnam Vets who aren't dishonest fuks will admit that it's probably a myth, but I know it is for 100% sure.
So what the public "knows" and what's reality is often 2 different things.