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04 Jan 2014, 12:00 pm

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Huey » 04 Jan 2014 10:49 am wrote:

No, I don't. Ask The right wingers I have tangled with will attest to that. Ask chickie if she ever comes back.


I'd vouch for you on that point.

You make all good points and I won't dispute most of them. You won't find a single liberal deny that Obamacare is just a step to universal health care. It's not about dictating what insurance you buy, it's about getting everyone a minimum of health care. Obamacare is merely a first step and we'll be fine with an imperfect step just to make that first step.

Many things infringe on people's freedoms. If you want pure freedom, the only answer is to go it alone into the wilderness with a bible, gun, and backpack. (don't try it here, you'll be arrested for trespassing by someone).

In a civilization, however, government needs to address larger issues that the individual can't take care of on the larger scale. We have an obesity problem that is costing millions in health care costs (I think it's a better idea for the government to shift all tobacco, corn, and sugar subsidies to all healthy agra, but that's for a different thread). Environmental controls are necessary because science is real, not Fox.