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06 Oct 2016, 5:32 pm

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We can all rest assured that Mr. Assange will more than likely get his comeuppance on election day, and be buried in the news heap of the day.

People with hard evidence, as opposed to circumstantial evidence, need to be dealt with. Those with rumor and hearsay evidence are harmless pests, easily dismissed as quacks.

There is such a thing as "Order", as in law and order. Order is above the law. Let there be no doubt, Order is above the law.

Those who are selected as guardians of the order are above the law as well.

Your rulers don't rule, the Order Makers do. Just as Law Makers rule with the law, so do the Order Maker rule with Order.

The common man is familiar with the term "law and order", but they rarely consider the Order part of that terminology.

Mr. Assange has become more than a pest, he steps over the line when he gives his hard evidence to enemies of the Order.

There is a saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Mr. Assange tries to play both sides of the fence and sticks his nose where it doesn't belong.

There is a "hidden hand", a "shadow power". They rule with Order, and they won't be challenged by a flea.

Good Day!

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06 Oct 2016, 9:45 pm

Post 06 Oct 2016, 9:45 pm

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Trump has big problems on the horizon. Just last week Trump and the billionaire Pedophile Jeffery Epstein were sued by a young lady because they raped her when she was 14.

You should have noticed that Hillary didn't hesitate to attack Trump on women at the first debate, even though Hillary used her influence to destroy every woman that Bill Clinton raped.

Trump didn't dare say anything about Bill Clinton because both Trump and Bill Clinton flew together to Epstein's pedophile Island to have sex with teen age girls.

Hillary knows that Bill goes to little St. James island, also known as pedophile island or orgy island, and she knows that Trump has accompanied Bill there on many occasions.

There is a new book coming out next week that details the story of Epstein and his pedophile island, and it names names.

A former personal assistant of Epstein stole his little black book that has the names and dates of Trump, Clinton, and many other well-heeled pedophiles that went to the island.

The young lady that filed the lawsuit against Trump and Epstein for raping her when she was 14 also has affidavits from about a dozen staff people that worked for Trump at Mara Lago and they swore to the fact that they witnessed Trump sitting beside his daughter Ivanka when she was 14 and 15, with his hand up her mini skirt while they sat together at a table.

Many of the beauty contestants from Trumps pageants have also gone on to marry extremely wealthy men, and have affairs with others. Some were lured by Trump money when they were teenagers.

Hillary knows all about the Trump Epstein pedophile ring and the lawsuit, but she has to be careful too as she has a taste for young girls herself.

It was reported in the the New York media today that Jeffery Epstein got a heads-up recently to flee the U.S. because the Trump pedophilia bombshell is going to hit soon, and Bill Clinton is also going to be exposed.

Hillary will just play the innocent victim, and get elected easily.

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11 Oct 2016, 7:14 pm

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I am well acquainted with the "hand of power" - the hidden hand. They have power because they don't overestimate the "powers that be" - the visible hand. Or the people.

They think rationally, everything is like a chess game. They play it out among themselves to consider the counter moves in advance. Then when they make their first move, they have already considered your move, and planned accordingly. They stay not 10 moves ahead, but the entire contest ahead.

The initial move is the move that puts the game plan in motion. Before they make a first move, they properly identify the problem.

If the Masters of the Universe were working for Trump, they would identify the problem, then plan a strategy that solves the problem, while trying to anticipate Clinton's moves in response to Trump's first move. Ideally, you want your first move to be your kill shot.

The thinking and strategy would look like this:

Trumps' biggest problem is that he is being amBUSHed at the debates. He is being played. He gets cut off, is abused by moderators, and is forced to spend all his time fighting off personal attacks. The tone and conduct of the debate is decidedly anti-Trump. So, the problem is that the debates are a time when most, if not all the voters tune in to make judgments, and the power players seek to exploit his weaknesses. The solution is to "control" the arena, and not give his opponents a voice. Make them use all of their time responding to Trump's attacks.

But how?

If there is one thing that the Trump Campaign, and the GOP, has no shortage of, it's money.
Trump's campaign theme is "Make America Great Again",but nobody wants to talk about that, or his ideas.

What Trump and the GOP need to do is conduct a televised Town Hall between Trump and the world.

It might cost $5,000,000.00 to buy 2 hours of prime time, maybe a little more. On the Fox network, or any network. Preferably a perceived enemy network, to lend credibility.
Trump would hold a "Make America Great Again" Town hall that is lightly moderated, and all of the questions come off the cuff from a live audience, or email, skype, or whatever.

The opposition wouldn't be invited because Trump and the GOP are spending their own money, and they don't want to waste half the time responding to enemy mud-slinging and distortions. And the other half the time giving a biased voice to the opposition.

This is an event that is between the people of America [the voters] and Trump.

If all goes well, and it should, then the first move of the enemy would be to schedule her own town hall and shut out Trump.
For that reason, Trump should schedule his event on the last weekend before the Tuesday election. This would not allow a first move by the enemy, and it would force the enemy to spend their last days push to respond to Trumps move.

This is wildly effective because Americans have a short attention span, and they would be tuned in over the weekend evening, and they would not have time to stay abreast of the enemies responses to Trump's move - it's back to life on Monday and Tuesday for them. The enemy could not possibly adequately cover everything on a Sunday morning news show.

This is how the "REAL" powers that be think.

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12 Oct 2016, 1:38 am

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Henry_ » 11 Oct 2016 7:24 pm wrote:

Did you hear Trump at the last debate bring up Bernie and DWS? He seems to think he can keep those
people from coming out to vote and get his base to come out and he'll win. The numbers don't work that
way if you look at who he needs to win and which states he needs to win. He will need a miracle, even with
the Clinton e-mails..there is nothing new in a shocking sense, everyone already knows she is corrupt.

Trump's only hope is to buy two hours of time, and appear to take questions off the cuff, and at the end of every answer throw a dig at Clinton.

He has to hold a National town hall, and use those 2 hours of uninterrupted time to do his sell job.

He has no other hope or options. He has to buy those 2 hours in prime time Saturday or Sunday night, November 5th or 6th. That prevents Clinton from counter punching because she would only have Monday to respond.

Don't forget, Clinton will spend 10 million dollars on ADs over that weekend, Trump would get off easy by buying 2 hours of prime time for 5-8 million dollars.
It would be much more effective than Ads.
And its best to allow the network to air commercials, the American people have short attention spans.

You have to understand, the Bush family and Clinton family are related, and Bush worked closely with Clinton during the 80's and the secret war in Afghanistan, which was financed by central and south american cocaine smuggling, and crack cocaine.
They used Mena airport in Arkansas when Bush was VP and Clinton was Ark. Governor.

Bush was CIA for a long long time, Director in 1975. Both Clintons were CiA since College, and had a CIA marriage. It's just company business.

America is 20 trillion dollars in debt, America loses about a trillion dollars in tax revenue every year because cash is hard to track.
If America goes to digital cashless society, that will generate over one trillion additional tax revenue dollars per year.

Bondholders want paid, China wants its interest. An Additional trillion per year will only wipe out the annual deficit, not pay down debt.
The trick is to make the world a digital cashless society, and render the dollar useless. Clinton is seen as someone who can work with the world to make it happen.
But, Trump presents himself as a deal maker.

So................... The Bush and Clinton family are working together.

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12 Oct 2016, 1:47 am

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Independent » 11 Oct 2016 7:27 pm wrote:

They won the battle to get early voting and are ringing up illegal votes by the thousands.

That's thinking years ahead.

Voter fraud is low level gangster trash, it only works on a local level.

You can win the popular majority vote, and still lose the election in Electoral College.

Then there is the counting of votes.

You will get who the Masters of the Universe say you will get, or that person will cease to exist.

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13 Oct 2016, 2:40 am

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kfools » 12 Oct 2016 9:24 am wrote:

The problem for Trump is that 80% of the news media hates his guts. The republicans in power hate him, and the democrats hate him. What they forget is that the people love him. The silent majority may very go out and vote Trump this year.

Trump gets his financing from 5 primary sources: Deutsche Bank, Bank of China, Israeli Venture Capitalists, Russian mobsters, and Christian televangelists.

80% of the media probably does hate Trump, and remarkably, 80% of the media is owned or controlled by Jews. Many of them have a stake in Trump. Almost every Trump org, exec is a Jew.

Trump made the decision to run for President unilaterally; he didn't ask for advice or opinions from anyone. His own ego drove his decision.

If anybody did push Trump to run, it was the Christian televangelists. They are the same people who convinced George H.W. Bush to invade the Middle East by convincing him it was time for the war of gog and magog, and Bush was chosen by God to make the move.
And they are the same ones who convinced his son George W Bush to invade Iraq because it was time for Armageddon.

Trump has been convinced by these people that he is "The Trump of God", and has been chosen to destroy Islam.

Trump's ego has always been out of control, and when you convince him he is chosen by God and Jesus to save America, Christianity and Israel too........oh my.

There is some talk that Christians think they can secretly make Trump the anti-christ and secretly bring him to power, and use him to start armageddon to force Jesus to come back and save all the christians by taking them to heaven by making them disappear.

Pat Robertson is a billionaire. Trump likes to say that he spent 100 million dollars of his own money to run. Don't be surprised if it comes out that Robertson financed him because Robertson wants Jesus to come and make him disappear before he dies, and he would like to use Trump to start the wars described in the bible.
There are rumors that Robertson funneled that 100 million dollars of christian money to Trump.

Many of those christians believe that if they can use Trump to build a Jewish Temple next to the Muslim Dome of the rock, that it would set off the end of days.

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13 Oct 2016, 1:52 pm

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Cannonpointer » 13 Oct 2016 4:10 am wrote:
No, son - it's how you think they think. But you don't actually know how they think - you just think you know how they think.

And I know you know I'm right, because I know how you think.

And I know that you know that I know that you know this - y'know?

That's what I thought.

Son? I'm old enough to be your Father.

But your points are well taken.

If this were a chess game, the Democrat's strategy is to "divide and conquer". And it is working beautifully because the weapon they are using to divide is the GOP nominee's life.

Trump's best and only workable response is to do the unimaginable, and prey upon the electorate by using their short attention span and sheeple mentality against them, for his benefit.

Alexander the Great said " I don't fear an army of lions, led by a sheep. I fear an army of sheep, led by a lion".
On the surface that seems absurd, because at the end of the day, a lion is a lion and a sheep is a sheep.
Can you validate such thinking?

The answer can be found in thw words of another man. "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner, and liberty is a well-armed sheep".

In the matter at hand, Trump must see himself as a lion leading an army of sheep, and Hillary as sheep leading an army of lions.
Trump must well-arm his sheep. He must win without fighting. The best victory is won without a fight.

If Trump uses timing, and holds his one-sided town hall on Nov. 5th or 6th, and he uses that time to well-arm his army of sheep with information, he can win because Hillary will only have one day to mount a counter attack, and she and her army of lions will have to fight well-armed and well-informed army of sheep.
While the army of lions is trying to fight the sheep, the well-armed sheep with information are talking to other sheep [undecided voters] and arming them with information into the fight.

The sheeple can't fight a long fight, and they do have a short attention span, so timing of the attack is critical.
Trump has to well-arm his sheeple, confuse the lions, and fight a short fight.

But Trump has to use the town hall to arm his sheeple so they feel like a confident army of lions. Even if it only lasts from Sunday to Tuesday.

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13 Oct 2016, 2:03 pm

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nuckin futz » 13 Oct 2016 11:36 am wrote:

"its a big club, and you and I ain't in it" :LOL:

The element that the Bush / Clinton syndicate lacks is loyalty. There is a complete lack of loyalty among the Bushs and the Clintons. The lack of loyalty creates a lack of trust, which casts doubt on reliability and dependability.

Trump would never be a part of that gang because he demands total loyalty to Trump.

The Bush / Clinton syndicate kills their own.

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13 Oct 2016, 11:08 pm

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Cannonpointer » 13 Oct 2016 6:26 pm wrote:
Sorry, Checkers - you're wrong.

Bush and the repuke congress which fed him is what divided republicans.

If you think it is democrats dividing republicans, you obviously think republicans are the stupidest fucks who ever lived.


I guess you can't be all bad, Gramps.

Dear Son, I was referring to the present situation.

What you fail to realize is that there is an end-game to the global madness. There really is an invisible shadow government, and there are a number of hysterical people that fight tooth and nail against that hidden hand.

The end-game is simply the demise of the obsolete and absurd American Constitution, and a one-party rule. This is every bit as necessary as the invisible shadow government.

Conspiracy theorists scream and howl about the hidden hand, but would they prefer that no power was in control?

The invisible shadow government doesn't seek to micro-manage, they seek to macro-manage. Even macro-management is nearly impossible, so micro-management is inconceivable.

The nearest you can get to micro-management of the world is with one-party rule in America, and one-nation rule of the world. This cannot be achieved with hard currency because you cannot eliminate the underground economy, so global control can only be achieved with digital currency. The technology now exists to accomplish that. But you first need to establish one-party rule.

This is what the hidden hand seeks. The elimination of the Republican Party is essential. Democracy is the way to one-nation global control. To create a one world government and ORDER.

People such as Alex Jones hysterically fight against a one-world ORDER. They would prefer global disorder.
People need to ask themselves if they prefer global order, or global disorder. The answer should be obvious.

The opponents of global order need to be eliminated. Order cannot tolerate disorder.

Simply put, there are too many opponents of global order for global order to be implemented.

The technology now also exists to eliminate proponents of disorder.

The time for global change and order has come, simply because the ways and means for global order exists. So the elimination of a large segment of the global population must be on the agenda. People need to accept this as necessary if they believe that "somebody" or "some people" need to be in control.

The only other option is anarchy, lawlessness, chaos, and disorder.

The trick is to find out who the proponents of Order are, and who the proponents of disorder are, then eliminate the proponents of disorder. This has to happen on a global scale.

In America the first step is to create one-party rule, then eliminate the Constitution and create a new one, then convert to digital currency and dispose of hard currency.

Then eliminate the proponents of disorder.
John Kennedy made a speech that became known as "The Secret Society Speech", that speech marked the beginning of the end for that proponent of global disorder.

I can call it Chess, and you can call it Checkers, but the objective is the same - to eliminate the other guys and take them out of play.

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14 Oct 2016, 6:13 pm

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inglorious bastard » 14 Oct 2016 6:16 am wrote:

wtf is all this crap...I read 2 lines and realized you didn't write this........how dishonest this thread is

essay on nonsense

Wrong, I wrote it from notes that I have been putting together for the next brainstorming session on Saturday.

You've heard of "Movers and Shakers", correct? I'm a shaker. I shake things up. Movers pay me to do that.

I'm here because I monitor political forums to get a handle on the mind-set of the general public. Conservative and Liberal.

I'm a "radical moderate" because the left and right are unreasonable and irrational.

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Posted by QJ/WINcouncilof13
14 Oct 2016, 7:12 pm

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inglorious bastard » 14 Oct 2016 6:23 pm wrote:

no..i never heard of movers and shakers in my life...but I can already tell you are far superior to my brain

I am not worthy to post to you...I hope you will forgive me

what is the wincouncilof 13.....is this some witchcraft or vampire club?

Please, I'm not far superior to your brain, but thank you for the laugh.

I have nothing to do with witchcraft or vampires. Monsters, yes.

I sit around in a wheelchair all day at a Fort Meade facility. I'm old. I monitor a half dozen or so internet discussion forums, analyze them, and develop strategy for people known as Movers.
In my younger days I was a shaker. It's like a chess game, the Hand makes a move, and I would shake things up, or take a piece off the board and out of the game. Some of those pieces were monsters.

QJ/WIN Council of 13 is merely meant to shake somebody. That somebody knows who they are. Here.
I have no interest in removing them from the game. Yet.

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Posted by QJ/WINcouncilof13
15 Oct 2016, 1:50 am

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inglorious bastard » 14 Oct 2016 7:17 pm wrote:

I judge people here more by their sense of humor than stupid political views

thank you for your service....................where does our little safe space rate to the other poli forums you follow

I have visited a few...seems like it is the same people in different bodies...lol

so i only stay here...as my poor typing indicates...I am no blogger...lol

I don't make the mistake of trying to judge. There is no way that I could accurately judge anything or anyone in these forums. The people on these forums tend to be honest, simply because the anonymity allows them to be basically uninhibited. Therefore I can more accurately gauge belief systems.

When I monitor a forum, I don't look for anything in particular. The people I associate myself with have no interest whatsoever in "power", power is just an illusion, and people who seek power are always delusional. Nobody has any real power. The people who seek power are the type of people that think they can turn a ship around on a dime

The people that I'm associated with have one interest - Influence. Influence is real.
People who seek influence are the type of people who know that it takes some doing to turn a ship around. These people expect it to take time to see the change they seek. It could take months or years, or even generations.

But I agree with you that it seems like people are the same in all these forums. You can tell that they are influenced by others in the forums because they start to parrot each other.

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15 Oct 2016, 7:38 pm

Post 15 Oct 2016, 7:38 pm

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Cannonpointer » 01 Oct 2016 8:09 pm wrote:
Or are you on the side of Assad, Rouhani and Putin?

CHOOSE, ya weak fuckers. Those are the teams:

Isis, Saudi Arabia, Israel and USA vs Russia, Iran and Syria.

First, ISIS [ Inter Service Intelligence Syndicate ] was armed by America, and funded mostly by Saudi Arabia.

The genesis of the problem is the two pipelines proposed by Qatar and Iran. Both want to run natural gas pipelines to Europe.

Qatar wanted to run a natural gas pipeline across Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, into Europe. This one was supported by America, the Saudis, Turkey, Qatar and the EU.

The second pipeline was proposed by Iran and was to bypass Turkey and cross the Mediterranean Sea. Russia and Syria supported Iran's pipeline.

So, the ISI, Pakistans immensely powerful CIA friend was enlisted to form a syndicate with America, Saudi, Qatar, Turkey, and EU, and find mujahadeen fighters to form an army. Saudis financed it, and America armed it. ISIS.

Now, Russia and Iran are in Syria fighting ISIS and protecting Assad, and America is bombing Assad's army, and defending ISIS.

Iran and Qatar both want to sell Europe the natural gas from the same worlds largest natural gas field.
America sides with the Qatar plan, and Russia sides with the Iran plan, and Syria supports Russia, and America supports ISIS.
Turkey supports the syndicate because they want the pipeline to cross Turkey.

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Posted by QJ/WINcouncilof13
15 Oct 2016, 7:54 pm

Post 15 Oct 2016, 7:54 pm

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Go to youtube, and type in "media people in the cia" and you can watch a video made by me that shows you how hundreds of cia people monitor sites like this one, and join, to influence you.

The media knows very well that ISIS and America are part of the same syndicate.

The chance for nuclear war is near 100% right now because America is bombing Syria's army, and Russia is bombing ISIS.

The Ukraine situation is about natural gas as well.

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Posted by QJ/WINcouncilof13
15 Oct 2016, 7:59 pm

Post 15 Oct 2016, 7:59 pm

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It's clear that Trump supports Russia, and Hillary supports ISIS.

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17 Oct 2016, 12:01 am

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charles.thompson » 16 Oct 2016 6:06 pm wrote:
Thats why i think people are too obsessed with who wins this election. What we need is not a political policy...we need a shift in culture. Politicians never alter culture. MLK altered culture. John Locke altered culture. Socrates altered culture. Jesus altered Culture. Our culture has become degenerate and continues to decay, and we cant expect any politician to fix it. We need to take responsibility ourselves.

That's why "influence" is far more desirable than "power" to movers and shakers. Power can't accomplish a culture shift; influence can. It may take a long time to get the desired result, but you can't turn a ship on a dime.

Influence peddlers understand that they may not see the fruits of their labor in their lifetime; it may take generations. But the change they seek is important to them, and they will do whatever they have to do to make it happen. The common man can't relate to that sort of passion.

There's nothing worse than a person who thinks they have power.

From the time a President is elected in November, until he takes his oath of office on January 20th, he is being schooled on the true ways of the world.
You rarely see them because they are usually so stunned that it's hard for them to function. The first thing they realize is that they have no power and they won't be able to do what they wanted to do. The second thing they realize is that it is a good thing to be powerless, because it takes all the pressure off of them to know that others are doing all the dirty work, and the burden is lifted from their shoulders.

In a crisis, most Presidents just go golfing and let the shadow people handle the crisis.

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17 Oct 2016, 12:22 am

Post 17 Oct 2016, 12:22 am

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Assange made the same mistake they all do. So did Snowden.

People like those guys think that the people will care, that they will rise up, that powerful men will come to their defense, etc, etc, etc.

Whistle-blowers never end up happy that they blew the whistle, in fact, they always feel remorse about it.

I've known U.S. Attorneys, District Attorneys, FBI agents, Congressmen, Corporate CEO's, Generals, and even a President that thought they would be brave and expose something that the shadows didn't want exposed, and they paid with their life. And even if the people did care, nobody was going to take a stand on it.

Now, the shadow is a different story, they don't care about the law, they are accountable to nobody, and they have people in their employ that love the fact that they can kill and get away with it. It's a comfortable feeling to know that you are above the law.

That's the difference between the visible powers and the invisible powers. The visible powers are held accountable by the people and the law, so they fear the people and the law. So they're scared to make a stand.
The invisible powers don't have that fear.

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18 Oct 2016, 1:29 am

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bigsky » 17 Oct 2016 7:42 am wrote:
Well mother fucker....our generation is the one that let it happen...so own it bitch

Actually, it started with the creation of the CIA. They saw television as the perfect mind control drug and propaganda machine, and TV news as the perfect means of delivery. They have been putting their people in top media positions ever since.

Funny thing is that the Dulles brothers didn't believe it would work, they said "the people will never fall in love with Television, who has the time to sit around staring at a box all evening"?

America would be a far better country had it not been for Dean Acheson and Clarke Clifford. Among a few others.

I saw someone say here that there is nothing Americans can do about things because you can't take up arms against an invisible army. That is true, but it would go a long way towards saving America if we could lose the CIA.

Believe me when I tell you, even people who work for The Company will tell you that CIA should be destroyed, ground to dust, and buried in concrete.
There have even been CIA Directors who have sought the demise of CIA. They were taken out of play and out of the game.

"Fun and Games" is the company motto. That's what they think about their business.

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Posted by QJ/WINcouncilof13
18 Oct 2016, 7:57 pm

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greatnpowerfuloz » 17 Oct 2016 2:19 am wrote:

The truth of this is mind-numbing and we would prefer not to see it, so we argue with each other over the nature of its facade, which we likely still have some influence with. That our government and it's elected officials have lost the ability to represent us is shocking. That there appears to be little, outside of us taking up arms against an enemy we can't even see, is depressing.


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Posted by QJ/WINcouncilof13
18 Oct 2016, 9:18 pm

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larryc12 » 18 Oct 2016 9:31 am wrote:

Well, the ignorant + dumb are going to try that "statement of fact", but what is obvious is that people claim to be Christian and either are lying about it or merely believers "of" rather than believers "in". I doubt if you can understand that, or won't bother attempting to understand it, since about all you want to do with this thread is dismiss Christians.

Mr. Larry, the "ignorant+dumb" people that I know are Christians.

I spend my days sitting in a wheelchair in the Fort Meade Hospice everyday, and last week a christian chaplain came to my room and asked me if I would like him to visit with me. He handed me a pamphlet with one of those pictures of Jesus on it. The same picture of Jesus that you see everywhere you go.

I asked him who it was in the picture, and he said it was an image of Jesus. He said the picture goes back about 1000 years and is made from a first hand description of Jesus.

I then informed him that the guy in the picture was created by Leonardo Di Vinci as his entry in a contest that Pope Alexander had in 1502. The Pope asked Di Vinci and Michelangelo to paint a picture of Jesus that was different from the one in use by the Church because the one in use made Jesus look like an Arab Muslim.
So Michelangelo painted his picture and it still made Jesus look Arab, and Pope Alexander didn't like it.

So Pope Alexander sent his bi-sexual illegitimate son, Cesare Borgia, to meet Di Vinci and tell Di Vinci that his father, Pope Alexander wanted Di Vinci to paint a portait of his son Cesare, as the picture of Jesus.
Leonardo Di Vinci was homosexual, and Cesare Borgia was bi-sexual, and Cesare also had a sexual relationship with his own sister, and he also murdered his own brother Giovanni by cuttung his throat and throwing his body in the river.

When Di Vinci and Cesare met, it was love at first sight, and they began a passionate love affair. Di Vinci painted the portrait of Cesare as Jesus, and Cesare sent it to his father, Pope Alexander.
That picture became the accepted picture of Jesus in the Catholic Church, and other religions have also been using it for the last 500 years.

That picture of the bi-sexual, murdering, incest flea bag Cesare Borgia hangs in Christian churches all over the world, gets kissed, has candles burned to it, and is wept over as it is held close to the heart. It is a picture of a murdering sexual pervert, not Jesus.

The picture became popular all over Europe around 1520, and around that time the Homosexual King James and his homosexual friend Sir Francis Bacon, embarked on writing the King James bible. They and William Tyndale completely made up the name Jesus -after the image - to make him look more European and less Arabic looking, and to make his name less Jewish sounding.

The Chaplain was devastated to learn that the picture he venerated his whole life was merely a picture of Leonardo Di Vinci's homosexual lover, Cesare Borgia, the bastard son Pope Alexander, and a sexual pervert and murderer.

Needless to say, the Chaplain feels far less "ignorant+dumb" today.