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Jihadi Mo said:
Neo » 20 Nov 2023, 1:43 pm » wrote: I don't understand people making the 911 proportional claim. Using that math, Israels response to Hamas is a hundred times worse than 911. 1200 Israelis died on October 7th. 20,000 Gazan residents have died in the counter attack. It's a thousand times worse if you adjust for population differences between Israel and Gaza.
You are failing to account for the propensity of homosexuals to dramatize and exaggerate. 

In gayspeak, the **** is actually UNDERSTATING the carnage of Oct 7. He is showing restraint.

Still, thank you for the honest math. Your heterospeak will not influence the person, though.

He rides his camel sideways and sleeps nearest to the pee trench. 
Life is to be preferred - life for Israelis and for Palestinians.
But ethnic cleansing will not be accepted. Even a rat has the right to fight for its existence.