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Cannonpointer » 02 May 2014 10:35 pm » wrote:Instead of definitions, let's talk functions.

Look at the materials required to construct a solar panel.They cost about $200.00. Add a day's labor to that $200.00, and you've got yourself a solar panel. You could sell iffor $400.00, and you've got yourself a job. So, why isn't anyone doing it?We live in a free enterprise economy, do we not?


We live in a capitalist economy, which games the system to PREVENT free enterprise. You are not allowed to sell your solar panels without a stamp of approval from Underwriters Laboratories -and they are gate keepers for Wall Street.The cost of shaking hands with UL prevents free enterprisers from operating in that market -and the same thing is going on in almost every market. The little guy is locked out by the engineered and manipulated expense of sitting at the table - locked out. Only Wall Streeters, using OTHER PEOPLES' capital, can afford to play in the game.

We need to go back to a free enterprise economy, where the little guy does not face unsurmountable obstacles to starting a small business.
Spot on. This country is anti free enterprise. There are still things one can do of course but it isn't as simple as it
once was. And if you get too big at any of these, Nazi's will show up and shut you down.