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NeoConvict » 18 Nov 2015 2:13 pm » wrote: Jews and Christians in Iran pay the Jizya and are considered people of the book. The Quran has rules regarding the treatment of Christians and Jews. If they submit to Islam and pay the Jizya they are allowed to live in peace. This has been true since the time of the great pedophile. Show me an atheist group in Iran. How about a Buddhist temple? Wiccans? Pastafarians? I am not one that claims Muslims are out to kill all not believers. That is not their objective. Muslims are commanded to wage jihad in order to have all mankind submit to Islam.
No one anywhere has or is paying "jizra" as a non-Muslim. The word means "tax", everyone pays tax. There is no part of the Koran that says anyone must become a Muslim. "There is no compulsion in religion"

As for the jewish reformation, back in the late 40's and early 50's the urgun and stern gangs pretty much invented modern terrorism, they were the far right nationalists who's goal was to forcibly evict the Brits and the Arabs. Methods included massacres and random shootings of men, women and children. To scare the **** out of the Arabs, who till then had no army and violent problems, they were just mainly farmers, herders and small vendors.
In the jewish israeli commu ity, there were 2 groups...the democratic, fair-minded idealists, and the rightwingers who became the likud party. The fascists won, and still control the country.
There are "reformed" jews, but it's like glibertarianism, they're liberal on social issues, conservative on everything else.
*All muslims are Jihadists...larry12

*A person with Spanish ancestry is not a member of the white race* ...redrock/southern independant

*Hillary's e-mails is far worse than Nixon's crimes" ...neoconvict

* is a lying liberal site* *It's illegal to flash your brights*.... golfbot