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Dantev2's Photo Today, 1:11 am 5 Comments

http://www.informationclearinghouse.inf ... #idc-cover
Capitalism Collapsing from Inequality... Blame Russia! By Finian Cunningham New figures published this week on obscene inequality show how the capitalist economic system has become more than ever deeply dysfunctional. Surely, the depraved workings of the system pose the greatest threat to societies and international security. Yet, Western leaders are preoccupied instead with other non-existent threats – like Russia. Take British prime minister Theresa May who this week was speaking at a posh banquet in London. She told the assembled hobnobs, as they were sipping expensive wines, that “Russia is threatening the international order upon which we depend”. Without providing one scrap of evidence, the British leader went to assert that Russia was interfering in Western democracies to “sow discord”.
May’s grandstanding is a classic case study of what behavioral scientists call “displacement activity” – that is, when animals find themselves in a state of danger they often react by displaying unusual behavior or making strange noises. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
For indeed May and other Western political leaders are facing danger to their world order, even if they don’t openly admit it as such. That danger is from the exploding levels of social inequality and poverty within Western societies, leading to anger, resentment, discontent and disillusionment among increasing masses of citizens. In the face of the inherent, imminent collapse of their systems of governance, Western leaders like May seek some relief by prattling on about Russia as a threat. This week European bank Credit Suisse published figures showing that the wealth gap between rich and poor has reached even more grotesque and absurdist levels. According to the bank, the world’s richest 1% now own as much wealth as half the population of the entire planet. The United States and Britain are among the top countries for residing multi-millionaires, while these two nations have also emerged as among the most unequal in the world. The data calling out how dysfunctional the capitalist system has become keeps on coming. It is impossible to ignore the reality of a system in deep disrepair, yet British and American politicians in particular – apart from notable exceptions like Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders – have the audacity to block out this reality and to chase after risible phantoms. (The exercise makes perfect sense in a way.)
Last week, a report from the US-based Institute of Policy Studies found that just three of America’s wealthiest men – Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett – own the same level of wealth as the poorest half of the entire US population. That is, the combined monetary worth of these three individuals – reckoned to be $250 billion – is equivalent to that possessed by 160 million citizens. What’s more, the study also estimates that if the Trump administration pushes through its proposed tax plans, the gap between rich elite and the vast majority will widen even further. This and other studies have found that over 80% of the tax benefits from Trump’s budget will go to enrich the top 1% in society. All Western governments, not just May’s or Trump’s, have over the past decades overseen an historic trend of siphoning wealth from the majority of society to a tiny elite few. The tax burden has relentlessly shifted from the wealthy to the ordinary workers, who in addition have had to contend with decreasing wages, as well as deteriorating public serves and social welfare.
This is the same quality of ludicrous distraction as Britain’s premier Theresa May this week lambasting Russia for “threatening the world order upon which we all depend”. By “we” she is really referring to the elites, not the mass of suffering workers and their families. May and Trump are indulging in “perception management” taken to absurdity. Or more crudely, brainwashing. How can North Korea or Iran be credibly presented as global threats when the American and British are supporting a genocidal blockade and aerial slaughter in Yemen? The complete disconnect in reality is testimony to the pernicious system of thought-control that the vast majority of citizens are enforced to live under. The biggest disconnect is the obscene inequality of wealth and resources that capitalism has engendered in the 21st century. That monstrous dysfunction is also causally related to why the US and its Western allies like Britain are pushing belligerence and wars around the planet. It is all part of their elitist denial of reality. The reality that capitalism is the biggest threat to humanity’s future. Do we let these mentally deficient, deceptive political elites and their media dictate the nonsense? Or will the mass of people do the right thing and sweep them aside?
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User avatar 01 May 2015, 9:52 am 1190 Comments

Maryland State Attorney General has just announced that Freddie Gray's died as a result of the homicidal actions of the racist white pigs who illegally arrested Mr. Gray and subsequently physically assaulted him with callous disregard for his safety. May these despicable racist white pigs rot in prison.
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User avatar Yesterday, 11:02 am 21 Comments

http://www.latimes.com/local/obituaries ... story.html
Manson did not commit the murders himself; instead he persuaded his group of followers to carry out the killings. The crimes received frenzied news coverage, because so many lurid and sensational elements coalesced at the time — Hollywood celebrity, cult behavior, group sex, drugs and savage murders that concluded with the killers scrawling words with their victims’ blood. Los Angeles residents were terrified by the crimes. Before the killers were apprehended, gun sales and guard dog purchases skyrocketed and locksmiths had weeks-long waiting lists. Numerous off-duty police officers were hired to guard homes in affluent neighborhoods and security firms tripled in size. Manson and four of his followers — Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel and Charles “Tex” Watson — were convicted of murdering actress Sharon Tate, the wife of movie director Roman Polanski, in their Bel-Air home on Aug. 9, 1969, along with four others.
Charley was a Christ-like guy, since Jesus decided to die and went off on the Temple, while arranging for his arrest, so his buds wouldn't all get the DP, after the Last Supper, while Mary Magdalene got knocked up. Roman Polanski AND the LA area were all ramping up to share domestic surveillance to make plagiarized music, while the former resident of the Tate house was producer Terry Melcher, who was NOT going to go for Charley's music, even if it was deep. Rippers in LA like MY guitar, since I used to play a capella, thinking I'd get in a group, so they'd rip off and inundate my nabe with punks! Like Tom Petty sang about? "SHE'S MY GIRL! She's my girl, etc." smack talk about females I lived with, who were industry spies and shills for punks. People could die, for fucking around, so Marilyn Manson hella happened, including with PLANET TERROR star, Rose McGowan.
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Blackvegetable's Photo Yesterday, 12:09 pm 45 Comments

Neck and neck for the title "Biggest Asshole in America" http://lonzowire.usatoday.com/2017/11/1 ... ball-ucla/ Edit Misty: There was something wrong with your link. I tried to fix it to no avail. I found another link for the same story.
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Hypocrisy's Photo 19 Nov 2017, 3:30 pm 148 Comments

If he wins and the U.S. senate kicks him out, will the Alabama gov be able to appoint someone?
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User avatar 18 Nov 2017, 8:38 pm 67 Comments

i was astounded when i saw this citizen of the year????? is shitting on the flag qualify you for this award? am i really imagining this???? https://www.gq.com/story/colin-kaeperni ... f-the-year wonder if cindy sheehan bought one?
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User avatar 19 Nov 2017, 3:49 pm 32 Comments

If you and another guy are fighting, and I jump in, let me tell you how to figure which side I am on: BY WHO I AM PUNCHING, YOU FUCKING MORONS. ISIS attacks Syria, Russia, Iran and innocent civilians - the same folks we attack. They leave alone Israel and Saudi Arabia - our allies. You people have shit for brains. You live in cartoons and think in thought bubbles. You can't see until you're told what you are looking at - you're lie-slurping fools. :) Every one of you faggots lives on fake news, and thinks only the other side is digesting fake news - MORONS. Both "sides" are fed by the same hand, morons - wall street. What - you think wall street gives those guys "fake news" and gives you the real shit, you ass wipes?
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roadkill's Photo 18 Nov 2017, 9:20 am 136 Comments

It's obviously not a secret...but why did they want to keep it quiet in the first place? Maybe cause Soros has a bad reputation and they would rather not advertise their connection to him? "Soros, Pelosi headline hush-hush 'Resistance' conference in California" "Liberal billionaire George Soros and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi were listed as the main attractions Friday at a California gathering of the anti-Trump elite." "The four-day event in Carlsbad, titled “Beyond #Resistance: Reclaiming our Progressive Future,” asked that guests refrain from contacting the media or posting to social media, the agenda shows." http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/11 ... ornia.html
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Blackvegetable's Photo 18 Nov 2017, 10:07 am 44 Comments

White House: Difference between Franken and Trump allegations is that Franken 'has admitted wrongdoing' https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/white-house-difference-between-franken-and-trump-allegations-is-that-franken-has-admitted-wrongdoing/ar-BBF6jrt?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp During the campaign, more than a dozen women accused Trump of sexually harassing or assaulting them, on top of the infamous Access Hollywood tape where he bragged about groping women without consent. Morons?
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User avatar 18 Nov 2017, 7:13 am 63 Comments

Do Republicans and pedophile priests share the same vile sexual morality. I wrote this for the religious forum but it seems to be a question that I should have put to Republicans as they are exhibiting the same vile morality as pedophile priests and the religious who ignore morality to feed their tribal needs. Do you see any difference in the immoral and unethical position of both groups? How and why can people ignore their God’s immoral ways? I find it quite strange that Christian, Muslims and Jews can ignore the immoral ways that their God is shown to have in the Bible, Qur’an and Talmud. If you have read any of the critical books on God, you will have seen God described with some rather disingenuous terms that, if applied to a man, would see that man executed by any moral government in quick order. The Buddhist saying that if you ever meet God, kill him seems quite fitting. Frankly, I think killing him without making him suffer for a time would be too good for him. If hell were real, that would be a better end for him as mankind would surely need to see that torture to gain real closure for God’s crimes against humanity. This aside. I can appreciate the value for society of local churches, mosques and temples but cannot fathom why lying priests, preachers and imams try to sell their God as a good God, when he is obviously more satanic than Satan. Perhaps scripture speak at least one truth in that the whole world would be deceived by Satan and his lying preachers and imams. Not that I believe in Satan. As a Gnostic Christian, my focus has been to try to become a Parfait, a perfected moral man, using the methods Jesus taught. It has been a long climb up Jacob’s ladder and apotheosis put me up one rung and I have tried to climb higher, but seem to have stalled due to my inability to find arguments that are persuasive enough to loosen Satan’s grip on the minds of Christians, Muslims and Jews. Their need of fellowship is stronger than their work on their moral sense and they stay in their religions even though they know that their God is immoral and not worthy of their idol worship. This Gnostic Christian truth is not a flattering epithet for God, which is likely what cause their destruction by Inquisition. The truth hurts the religious even when given with a loving touch. I am not that good at that but have seen good honest lovers of Christ get verbally abused by theists. They think hate is motivating those who speak against their God even when love is the motivator. Hate is born of love, and the Gnostic hate of God is justified on moral grounds, and the attempted correction of a believers moral sense and their thinking is done out of love. They forget that that is how Jesus was and how that love driven expression of hate with what he saw around him almost got him killed at the hands of the Jews. So the myth says. The fact that I have had many theists resist entering into moral argument of their God indicates that they know that their God is immoral. I can appreciate that once a person accepts the fellowship that his tribal nature seeks, and he can survive without having better morals, he is loath to jeopardize the comfort zone he has created for himself. The problem is that theists are living in self-deception and for one who seeks or has attained Gnosis, a deeper knowing of himself, self-deception is basically not allowed. That is why I have to bother fighting a fight that is almost un-winnable. If you have an answer to the question I posed at the onset, please enlighten me as I am quite disappointed to see so many living in self-deception and without Gnosis, and following Gods who are demonstrably more Satan like than God like. In the terrible days that we will face from environmental degradation that will soon be upon us, a new and moral God will be required and we presently do not have one. I recognize that our tribal and fellowship needs are quite strong and a part of our basic instincts. Do you have any idea as to how we can break Satan’s hold on Christians, Muslims and Jews and change their fellowship and tribal needs to a need for a God with decent moral values? Regards DL