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This political chat room is for serious debate, where there will be ZERO tolerance for trolling. A ghost thread will be created in NHB that is open for all to participate in. To post in this forum, request to join the Profundum group in the User Control Panel.

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Posted by GeorgeWashington
  -19,952 12 Jan 2014, 3:16 am

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Cannonpointer » 12 Jan 2014 10:23 pm wrote:
We now have a serious debate room, where there will be ZERO tolerance for trolling.

The room will be moderated by an as yet to be named moderator. I know who I want for the job but have not yet contacted the person.

The debate threads will generate a ghost thread in the NHB. Each response in the Profundum Disputatio room will appear in the NHB ghost thread. All are welcome to post in the ghost thread. Only the people debating will be allowed to post in the original thread, and the NHB companion thread posts will not appear in the master thread.

Any quershtyuns?

To post in this room, request to join the Profundus group in the User Control Panel
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