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Abatjour » 06 Jun 2021, 7:08 am » wrote: you brought your mental retardation in here therefore, clearly, you gave a f*ck about what I was doing/came to seek my attention

.  And I told you I had a fetus smoothie this morning.
 The real breakfast of champions.
For dinner its pulled baby sandwiches.

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DennisTheMenace Jun 06, 2021

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Vegas giants

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Track Star, Question Ducker
Track Star, Question Ducker
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Forced patriotism is no patriotism at all. It's just like kneeling during the anthem. If the goal is to force patriotism you spit on the graves of those who fought for our freedom

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Phelix_Dacat Jun 08, 2021

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Antifa ... 25163.html

'Lockdown' states like California did better economically than 'looser' states like Florida, new COVID data shows

Yet for much of the past year, some experts have quietly advanced a counterargument: that economic activity is mainly affected by the rising and falling severity of the pandemic itself — not the relative strictness of the measures implemented to mitigate it. In fact, these experts argued, nonpharmaceutical interventions, or NPIs — a set of 20 government responses such as business closures, mask mandates and stay-at-home advisories that Oxford University rates according to stringency — can have an economic upside. The more the virus seems to be under control, the more eager people will be to participate in the economy.

Last week, this argument got a boost with the publication of a new report by economists at the University of California, Los Angeles. According to the latest quarterly UCLA Anderson Forecast, not only did big states with more stringent COVID measures end 2020 with fewer infections per capita, they also tended to post better economic growth numbers last year than states with fewer restrictions.

 In other words, California’s economy actually fared better than Florida’s.

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Crazytrain Jun 09, 2021

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Neo » 10 Jun 2021, 4:10 pm » wrote: Fair taxation would see those making 20% of the income paying 20% of the income taxes instead of 40% of the burden. We already have a progressive taxation system that puts most of the burden on the affluent. I don't think there is much call for "fair" taxation.
couple things...

1.  Your link talks about people making $540 k per year and lumps them in with billionaires, that’s insane.  In a country of 350 million, the top 1% is about 3.5 million people.  Out of THAT group, the richest 50 own far more than the others COMBINED.  And THOSE are the ones who pay no taxes, that tiny fraction of the populace at the tippy top.

So yeh, millionaires are overtaxed.  Billionaires are not.  And even if they were, you are basing your whole argument here on income tax, which is merely a tax on liquid gains in one year.  It says nothing about how the top .00001% own the media, the airports, the oil refineries and factories, toll roads, they basically own all the DEBT in the country (huge usury/interest $profits), all the land, the banks and other assets - including stocks which are taxed as capitol gains, a different bracket than income.

2.  You are not a billionaire.  If you were, you would be counting your money all day instead of posting here.  So why do you advocate for billionaires constantly when their economic interests are in direct conflict with yours?  You are like a battered spouse who makes excuses for the guy who keeps beating her ***

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SJConspirator Jun 10, 2021

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The steady drift to the left always moves the goal posts in defining liberals and conservatives... in this Country anyway.

What was considered "liberal" five or six decades ago is now center right or even "conservative" in today's political climate. By that same movement, yesterday's conservatives are today's radical right, the liberals became centrists, the progressives are the liberals, and the radical left are the new progressives.

JFK was considered a liberal in his day, but he would be center right or maybe ever considered a conservative by today's standards.

This is why today, the "conservatives" seem to be more anti-establishment" than the "liberals"... when in reality, the anti- establishment right are really more like yesterday's liberals.

I really wish people would quit **** with the goal post myself.

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Annoyed Liberall Jun 20, 2021

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DeezerShoove » 21 Jun 2021, 10:13 pm » wrote: In about 30 years the world population will stagnate to a 9 billion person plateau.

You selfish little **** get to contend with all that this will entail. I wonder what "this" will be?

My view is that it will be the too-many-rats-in-a-box scenario. Have fun.  Image
As fun as it is to mock Millennials, the game was over for many of them before they even sat down to play.

- Retarded government schools/teachers
- Lies and propaganda about college, student loans, employment (“I thought jerbs were supposed to be fun!”), etc.
- Fluoride in water 
- Pesticides and herbicides in food
- GMOs introduced in 1990s 
- Frankenfoods (bread, pasta, cereals, VEGETABLE oils - if Millennials had any vegetables in their diet it was probably corn or lettuce or some trash with low nutritional value) and Food Pyramid propaganda about “evil fats” and “6-11 servings carbs”
- Highest dosage of vaccines ever compared to prev gens...their bodies AND BRAINS poisoned @ young age
- Raised on SpongeBob and other TEEvee
- Day care ladies raised them coz mom thought working and being a wage slave = liberation
- Retarded parents thought letting kids play outside is “dangerous” so they stayed inside and didn’t get healthy amounts of exercise/activity unlike previous gens
- Fed Globalist and Jew propaganda in college - diversity good, white ppl bad, etc.
- Zero financial literacy (“I want to live in a nice big city like LA or NY where rent eats up $1800 to $2500 a month!”)
- USA flooded with H1B Curry *** and wetbacks to suppress wages

Basically if you’re a Millennial without half decent parents to teach you the harsh truths of life and/or support you it’s like playing poker against 3 ppl - they were handed an Ace, J, and 7 respectively as their first card while you were handed a 3. 

Can you win against these 3 players? Yes. Are the odds in your favor? No, unless you get “lucky” or were smart enough to do something like buy Bitcoin prior to 2013.

 Oh, and you don’t get to fold. You live once and die...I think.

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Annoyed Liberall Jun 22, 2021

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