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[quote="ScottMon" post_id=2060066 time=1655755358 user_id=2054]
If there is a problem with transgenders in bathrooms. we can handle it as it comes up.  So far, There isn't much of a track record of transgender people committing rape or sexual assaults in bathrooms.[/quote]

Did it ever cross your tiny brain that the effects of such legislation has caused great hardships to young girls and their parents?  Cavalier dopes like you insist that the phony "rights" of a tranny supercede those of females who now feel unsafe using the restrooms and showers where they are exposed to dangers you refuse to believe exist!
[quote][size=150][b]Studies Show Girls Are Now Afraid to Use Restrooms Because of Transgender Problem[/b][/size]
Oct. 15, 2019
The backlash is continuing against the gender-neutral bathrooms transgender activists are demanding. Earlier this month, I noted a story in this month’s edition of The Atlantic, written by a parent who discussed the chaos that resulted when the school decided to eliminate gender designations for student bathrooms — without consulting the parents. This parent — who is very much a liberal — described the profound discomfort of the students, some of whom simply refused to use the bathroom while at school and waited until the school day was over.

According to the Daily Mail, these policies are having a similar impact in the United Kingdom, where gender-neutral bathrooms “have left girls feeling unsafe and even put their health at risk,” according to both teachers and parents. In fact, they reported, the surge in primary and secondary schools implementing gender-neutral bathrooms has made girls “who are menstruating so anxious about sharing facilities with boys that some are staying at home for fear of being made to feel ‘period shame.’” Some are even “risking infections by refusing to urinate all day,” and others are coping by refusing to drink liquids while at school.

This has led to both doctors and politicians calling on schools who are making moves to switch to a gender-neutral bathroom system to stop implementation, with Dr. Tessa Katz saying that “holding in urine for prolonged periods on a regular basis could increase risk of girls suffering urinary and bladder infections.” With teachers and parents stating that girls are feeling “deeply uncomfortable or even unsafe sharing toilets with male students,” halting the shift to gender-neutral bathrooms is necessary “to prevent any further harm to female pupils.”[/quote]
[quote][size=150][b]High school girls afraid to use the bathroom after transgender bathroom policies put in place [/b][/size]
[url=]FEBRUARY 27, 2019[/url] BY [url=]JONATHON VAN MAREN[/url][/quote]
[quote][size=150][b]Man who choked girl in women’s restroom stokes alarm over transgender access[/b][/size]
By Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times - Saturday, May 14, 2016
The attack by a man on an 8-year-old girl in a women’s restroom last week in a Chicago restaurant is raising alarm about opposite-sex access to public facilities in the name of transgender rights.

Police say the man, 33-year-old Reese Hartstirn, entered the women’s room May 7 at Jason’s Deli in Chicago’s South Loop and choked the girl until she passed out.

The girl’s mother, who was in the adjacent stall, heard her daughter’s screams and rescued her, while restaurant patrons held the suspect until police arrived, according to WLS-TV in Chicago.[/quote]

So dickhead, now tell me that you've got no problem with your wife or young daughters being forced to use the same showers, locker rooms, or toilets that a tranny is now permitted to occupy.  Or don't you have a single female in your family who you would need to worry about thanks to such idiotic liberal laws that your Democrat votes helped give us?

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History of Solidarity

Gdańsk, 25th anniversary of Solidarity, summer 2005
Solidarity (Polish: „Solidarność”, pronounced [sɔliˈdarnɔɕt͡ɕ] (listen)), a Polish non-governmental trade union, was founded on August 14, 1980, at the Lenin Shipyards (now Gdańsk Shipyards) by Lech Wałęsa and others. In the early 1980s, it became the first independent labor union in a Soviet-bloc country. Solidarity gave rise to a broad, non-violent, anti-Communist social movement that, at its height, claimed some 9.4 million members. It is considered to have contributed greatly to the Fall of Communism.

The People's Republic of Poland attempted to destroy the union by instituting martial law in 1981, followed by several years of political repression but in the end was forced into negotiation. The Roundtable Talks between the Communist government and the Solidarity-led opposition resulted in semi-free elections of 1989. By the end of August 1989, a Solidarity-led coalition government had been formed, and Wałęsa was elected president in December 1990. This was soon followed by the dismantling of the Communist governmental system and by Poland's transformation into a modern democratic state.

Solidarity's early survival represented a break in the hard-line stance of the Communist Polish United Workers' Party (PZPR), and was an unprecedented event; not only for the People's Republic of Poland—a satellite of the Soviet Union ruled by a one-party Communist state—but for the whole of the Eastern Bloc. Solidarity's example led to the spread of anti-Communist ideas and movements throughout the Eastern Bloc, weakening Communist governments. 
This process later culminated in the Revolutions of 1989.

Labor unions ended Communism, get over it.

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I'm pro-life in most all circumstances, but in black states which are pro-choice, think of the enormous social services costs, population boom, fatherless families and escalated crime that ensues. Pro-choice should be limited to blacks.

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