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AnnoyedLiberall » 21 Apr 2021, 1:24 pm » wrote: Let's not forget that the rank and file did not come out against him.
Only the higher ups.
The culture of the cops on the street is unchanged I am afraid.
Point taken, AL.  You're correct.  :)    I'm hoping that this is at least a start towards meaningful change to the culture on the streets.  I'm definitely not a "defund the police" lefty, but I do believe there needs to be far more accountability and transparency.  The killing of George Floyd wasn't Derek Chauvin's first encounter with police misconduct, by any means.  Most police perform admirably in a very dangerous job - it's cops like Chauvin that destroy public trust and perception of law enforcement.   

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Annoyed Liberall Apr 20, 2021

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So, as you all know, Meltdown Mary, aka @Blackvegetable  ,  doesn't like to be exposed for the fraud and idiot that he is. Which is why I enjoy exposing him as the fraud and idiot that he is. I enjoy his meltdowns and tantrums that can last for days sometimes. Why am I starting this tribute thread for him? Two reasons: 1. I love triggering him to meltdown mode and 2. I love to expose him as the fraud and idiot that he is. 

Below is a link to all of Veghead's threads that he has started. Veghead does not think for himself, I don't think he has the intellectual capacity. Every thread he starts is a copy/paste from the internet with no thoughts of his own...well, except calling Trump supporters slackjaws and whatever else. But that doesn't count. Most every member I see here offers their thoughts on their links, their own interpretation, and they make an original argument on their own. Veghead prefers to let the internet talk for him, then belt out 70k questions without answering any.

Here is my friendly bet. If anyone can find one OP of his where he made an argument on his own, gave his own thoughts, gave his own interpretations, or reasoned anything out on his own, I will give that person 100 greenies. 

If nobody can find one, then I am to be nominated for the post award.

There are 73 pages of this ****: threads/Blackvegetable

@Cannonpointer  @Annoyed Liberall  What do you think?

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