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AnnoyedLiberall » 21 Apr 2021, 1:24 pm » wrote: Let's not forget that the rank and file did not come out against him.
Only the higher ups.
The culture of the cops on the street is unchanged I am afraid.
Point taken, AL.  You're correct.  :)    I'm hoping that this is at least a start towards meaningful change to the culture on the streets.  I'm definitely not a "defund the police" lefty, but I do believe there needs to be far more accountability and transparency.  The killing of George Floyd wasn't Derek Chauvin's first encounter with police misconduct, by any means.  Most police perform admirably in a very dangerous job - it's cops like Chauvin that destroy public trust and perception of law enforcement.   

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Annoyed Liberall Apr 20, 2021

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So, as you all know, Meltdown Mary, aka @Blackvegetable  ,  doesn't like to be exposed for the fraud and idiot that he is. Which is why I enjoy exposing him as the fraud and idiot that he is. I enjoy his meltdowns and tantrums that can last for days sometimes. Why am I starting this tribute thread for him? Two reasons: 1. I love triggering him to meltdown mode and 2. I love to expose him as the fraud and idiot that he is. 

Below is a link to all of Veghead's threads that he has started. Veghead does not think for himself, I don't think he has the intellectual capacity. Every thread he starts is a copy/paste from the internet with no thoughts of his own...well, except calling Trump supporters slackjaws and whatever else. But that doesn't count. Most every member I see here offers their thoughts on their links, their own interpretation, and they make an original argument on their own. Veghead prefers to let the internet talk for him, then belt out 70k questions without answering any.

Here is my friendly bet. If anyone can find one OP of his where he made an argument on his own, gave his own thoughts, gave his own interpretations, or reasoned anything out on his own, I will give that person 100 greenies. 

If nobody can find one, then I am to be nominated for the post award.

There are 73 pages of this ****: threads/Blackvegetable

@Cannonpointer  @Annoyed Liberall  What do you think?

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Cannonpointer Apr 25, 2021

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Roll Out
Bidennextpresident » 23 May 2021, 8:50 pm » wrote: Second time: Why do you--right wingers--keep talking about "narrative?"?
Because we are interested in the truth. The truth is cops do not hunt unarmed blacks. The truth is we have an issue with police abandoning community policing and adopting military control tactics. The race **** is getting in the way of developing solutions to a real problem. 

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Annoyed Liberall May 23, 2021

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Neo » 10 Jun 2021, 4:10 pm » wrote: Fair taxation would see those making 20% of the income paying 20% of the income taxes instead of 40% of the burden. We already have a progressive taxation system that puts most of the burden on the affluent. I don't think there is much call for "fair" taxation.
couple things...

1.  Your link talks about people making $540 k per year and lumps them in with billionaires, that’s insane.  In a country of 350 million, the top 1% is about 3.5 million people.  Out of THAT group, the richest 50 own far more than the others COMBINED.  And THOSE are the ones who pay no taxes, that tiny fraction of the populace at the tippy top.

So yeh, millionaires are overtaxed.  Billionaires are not.  And even if they were, you are basing your whole argument here on income tax, which is merely a tax on liquid gains in one year.  It says nothing about how the top .00001% own the media, the airports, the oil refineries and factories, toll roads, they basically own all the DEBT in the country (huge usury/interest $profits), all the land, the banks and other assets - including stocks which are taxed as capitol gains, a different bracket than income.

2.  You are not a billionaire.  If you were, you would be counting your money all day instead of posting here.  So why do you advocate for billionaires constantly when their economic interests are in direct conflict with yours?  You are like a battered spouse who makes excuses for the guy who keeps beating her ***

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SJConspirator Jun 10, 2021

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DeezerShoove » 21 Jun 2021, 10:13 pm » wrote: In about 30 years the world population will stagnate to a 9 billion person plateau.

You selfish little **** get to contend with all that this will entail. I wonder what "this" will be?

My view is that it will be the too-many-rats-in-a-box scenario. Have fun.  Image
As fun as it is to mock Millennials, the game was over for many of them before they even sat down to play.

- Retarded government schools/teachers
- Lies and propaganda about college, student loans, employment (“I thought jerbs were supposed to be fun!”), etc.
- Fluoride in water 
- Pesticides and herbicides in food
- GMOs introduced in 1990s 
- Frankenfoods (bread, pasta, cereals, VEGETABLE oils - if Millennials had any vegetables in their diet it was probably corn or lettuce or some trash with low nutritional value) and Food Pyramid propaganda about “evil fats” and “6-11 servings carbs”
- Highest dosage of vaccines ever compared to prev gens...their bodies AND BRAINS poisoned @ young age
- Raised on SpongeBob and other TEEvee
- Day care ladies raised them coz mom thought working and being a wage slave = liberation
- Retarded parents thought letting kids play outside is “dangerous” so they stayed inside and didn’t get healthy amounts of exercise/activity unlike previous gens
- Fed Globalist and Jew propaganda in college - diversity good, white ppl bad, etc.
- Zero financial literacy (“I want to live in a nice big city like LA or NY where rent eats up $1800 to $2500 a month!”)
- USA flooded with H1B Curry *** and wetbacks to suppress wages

Basically if you’re a Millennial without half decent parents to teach you the harsh truths of life and/or support you it’s like playing poker against 3 ppl - they were handed an Ace, J, and 7 respectively as their first card while you were handed a 3. 

Can you win against these 3 players? Yes. Are the odds in your favor? No, unless you get “lucky” or were smart enough to do something like buy Bitcoin prior to 2013.

 Oh, and you don’t get to fold. You live once and die...I think.

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Annoyed Liberall Jun 22, 2021

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IkeBana » 09 Jul 2021, 7:56 am » wrote: This is no different from the "we support women athletes" ****.  You take an issue fold it six-ways, stuff it up your oozing rectal orifice until saturated, drag it back out and spread the **** around under the guise of supporting women, when the only thing it's about is your TDS (trans derangement syndrome) and anti-LGBTQ bigotry.

You don't give a **** about women athletes.  You don't give a **** about women in prison.  Lying **** rent boi.  Nor does the rest of your twisted, sick, and wrong crew in this ****.
I do not entirely disagree with the way you are framing this...but your own assertions give it away that there is a more fundamental issue at hand than female athletes. 

I agree. It isn't that I don't care about female athletes...I actually kinda do...but their welfare has little to nothing to do with transgenderism. 

Transgenderism is profane. Because it is an attack on identity. 

For what reason would you pretend that people are not born with innate qualities?

I was born a man, a human, a person of European ancestry, the son of my father and mother, and based on my ancestry one could easily predict I would have a high iq, a short temper, and be lazy. 

You certainly would not allow me to deny the fact I am white when you come after me with your reparations for white privilege ****. So it is actually YOU who exposes yourself as disingenuous by having a double standard. People only have innate qualities when it suits you, and they don't when it suits you. 

Transgenderism is not only an attack on identitidentity attempt to imply that people can be molded into anything that is politically convenient...we can ignore their innate nature...

It is also an attack on sanity. The emperess not only has no clothes, she also has a penis. You want to gaslight people so hard that they fail to see the penis in the room?

Well I personally feel that both identity and sanity are important survival skills. The former allows cooperation, the latter allows us to use our brain which is a human's most important organ. 

the very idea of transgenderism is predicated on an anti survival,, suicidal attitude.. it is profanity to the point of pure evil.

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Cannonpointer Jul 09, 2021

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