Trump’s total mishandling of Pandemic has caused America’s image to suffer horribly in other developed countries:

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Rigged reality. Life doesn't exist forward by statistical averages so far. Living is an in placement kinetic flow or doesn't exist at all. Occupying space is an event of conceiv ed to decomposed between inception and extinction of the forms sustaining ancestries so far.

Deny it Anti-republiklan you are just as guilty of corrupting next generations as they are. You don't want everyone understanding life in plain sight, you never have the intellectual adavantage again in these theaters of doubt mind over matter, symbolism over substance, time changes everything, not everything is always changing now.

Eternity is now eternally changing things timed apart so far. You defy equality, not represent being equal.
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when your reality won't explain real completely, you joined a socially corrupt intellectual mind that won't tolerate you using your own brain.

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nuckin futz

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Anti-republiKlan » 16 Sep 2020, 8:17 am » wrote: How many high FBI, Justice Dept and State Dept officials have been fired and replaced WITH TRUMP LYING CRIMINALS????????????
Please give me a link to your article. I need to publish it on another site.

Slavery is the fiction that people are property
Corporate personhood is the fiction that corporations are people

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