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"Stockholders"...all TWO of them
Hidden cameras placed by Mercy For Animals.
Costco's chickens weigh one pound more than WALMART's chickens.

Ah, this is just the liberal animal rights fringe complaining about a store that they can't afford to become a member of. 
More accurately, WALMART people need mercy. Look at the WALMART crowd...probably 50-100 lbs more weight than the average Costco patron. And much like the Costco chicken claim, those beasts can't get up once their legs collapse from excessive weight either!
Which human rights group is suing WALMART for allowing morbidly obese people to roam the snack isle day and night in an electric powered cart because the have an assinfront that hangs betwixt their knees? You've seen that, I know you have.
Lots of pretty women in Cosco too. But WALMART? EEEGADS! I should sue WALMART for retinal damage from accidental moose sightings.  :rofl:  

Stockholders sue Costco officials over alleged mistreatment of chickens grown too big | The Pulse (

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