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Cochise County Arizona plays a dangerous game of chicken, votes to not certify election / UPDATES - Dailykos

MAGA-controlled Arizona county fails to certify election results by deadline - Dailykos

Five Craziest Bits of Testimony From Maricopa County Hearing - Mediaite

Arizona voter threatens violent revolution and death penalty at Maricopa election hearing - Raw Story

Start donning your body armor: Conspiracy theorists storm Maricopa County hearing to thwart election certification - MSN

Right-wing analyst slams Republicans for pushing garbage lies to threaten Arizona election officials - Raw Story

Playing with fire: Former DHS chief burns Kari Lake for fueling bogus election conspiracy theories - Raw Story

GOP-Controlled Arizona County Refuses To Certify Election - HuffPost Latest News

Cochise County has repeatedly refused to certify its results from the Nov. 8 election. The deadline for certification was Nov. 28 - NBC News

Arizona secretary of state sues GOP-controlled county over refusal to certify election results - NBC News


Herschel Walker took it too far - Yahoo

Herschel Walker is more than an unqualified candidate for the U.S. Senate, he’s a coward, hypocrite and politically convenient bigot. His new TV ad attacking transgender athletes is the definition of power punching down: despicable. Coming after Saturday’s shooting in Colorado, this is one slight too far. Herschel Walker gets the “coward of the week” award.

Herschel Walker Comes Under Fire After Claiming Most Americans Haven't Earned The Right To Change The Country - Radaronline

Federal officials to Herschel Walker committee: Learn how to add - Yahoo

Playing fast and loose with the numbers too

Seems Trump Stooge and Senate Hopeful Herschel Walker Has NEVER LIVED IN THE STATE, New Evidence Reveals - MSN

Questions swirl around Herschel Walker as report shows his Georgia residence was rented out for over a decade - Alternet

Herschel Walker, running for U.S. Senate in Georgia, still gets tax break on $3 million Texas home - Salon

Complaint accuses Herschel Walker of committing voter fraud over Texas tax credit - Salon


Hanging By a Thread in Wisconsin - How to Steal an Electioin - Dailykos

Election denying far right MAGA megadonor, Dick Uihlein, funneled $20M to a nationwide election denial network - Raw Story - Celebrating 18 Years of Independent Journalism


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South Carolina Supreme Court Says Mark Meadows Efforts to Avoid Testifying in Georgia Grand Jury Election Probe Are ‘Manifestly Without Merit’ - Law and Crime

Despicable: Ohio Judge rules far-right tricksters must spend 500 hours registering voters in robocall fraud case - Alternet

Right-wing fraudsters must register voters in low-income communities where they suppressed vote - Dailykos

Kari Lake cheers on crime, former AG urges prosecution of deniers, Judge tosses GOP suit - Dailykos

Oz Wants TV Show Back, CAN'T HAVE IT! - Dailykos

Georgia GOP chairman singled out by judge for central role in fake elector plot - CNN Politics

These Arizona County supervisors didn’t question election equipment when they won in 2020 - Raw Story

Cochise County ordered to certify election last Thursday - Dailykos

Kari Lake's Lawyers Lose Election Suit, Win Sanctions. Well Played, Dersh! - Above the Law

"False, misleading": Judge sanctioned Kari Lake lawyers for "baseless" election lawsuit - Salon

Katie Hobbs' office sent criminal referral to Arizona AG, urges investigation of Cochise Co Supes - Dailykos

Teen shot while campaigning for Sen. Warnock in Georgia - WKYT

Losing Republican candidate wants Texas House to void results of his race - The Texas Tribune

Katie Hobbs asks for Cochise supervisors to be prosecuted for delaying the election canvass - Raw Story

Pennsylvania Republicans change their tune on mail-in voting after getting pasted twice in a row - Raw Story

Hand-count audits find no problems with Arizona ballot tabulators - Raw

Colorado Secretary of State Announces Recount in Incredibly Tight Boebert, Frisch House Race - The Daily Beast

Did corporate media ignore a blatant 2020 effort to suppress the Democratic vote in Georgia? - Raw Story

Former deputy to election conspiracist Tina Peters pleads guilty — and agrees to testify for prosecution - Raw Story

A TOM IN EVERY PLOT (note: these articles were compiled prior to Warnock's victory in Georgia Tuesday. But thought I'd leave them in ANYWAY just as a reminder of the kind of boot licking IMBECILE 49% of Georgians TRIED to send to the Senate)

HERSCHEL WALKER - aka ANOTHER Black Trump acolyte / PAWN being used to promote anti Semitism, white supremacy, and hate based ideology. (He doesn't know what a pronoun is... or what SHAME is, APPARENTLY).

Herschel Walker says we need to get rid of the government to enact his energy plan - Raw Story

Herschel Walker Once Said He Was the Target of Racism. Now He Claims It Doesn’t Exist. – Mother Jones

I thought he was going to beat: Ex-Herschel Walker girlfriend comes forward with damning new allegations - Alternet

Trump Saddled Republicans With Herschel Walker And Has Now Abandoned Him In Runoff - HuffPost

Top Georgia Republican Reveals He Didn't Vote for Herschel Walker (the first time) - Newsweek

Herschel Walker supporter screams during Sen. Kennedy speech that Obama is the 'altar of the devil' - Raw Story

yeah... you read that right. Sick mfkrs.


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Architect of SCOTUS takeover funnels millions to groups trying to gut voting and discrimination laws | Salon


Flush with money after receiving the largest-known political advocacy donation in U.S. history, conservative activist Leonard Leo and his associates are spending millions of dollars to influence some of the Supreme Court's most consequential recent cases, newly released tax documents obtained by ProPublica and The Lever show.

The documents detail how Leo, who helped build the Supreme Court's conservative majority as an adviser to President Donald Trump, has used a sprawling network of opaque nonprofits to fund groups advocating for ending affirmative action, rolling back anti-discrimination protections and allowing state legislatures unreviewable oversight of federal elections.

Conservative donors poured ‘dark money’ into case that could upend US voting law - US supreme court - The Guardian

Dark money groups pump nearly $90 million into "independent state legislature" case - Salon

Untraceable right-wing money has flowed into a network of right-wing groups seeking to limit voting rights

How Right-Wing Groups Set the Stage for the Supreme Court to Rig Future Elections – Mother Jones

Republicans Want the Supreme Court to “Rewrite History” So They Can Hijack Elections – Mother Jones

Key battleground states are moving to change election laws ahead of 2024 - Yahoo News

Georgia Republicans Suddenly Oppose Runoff Elections - The Mary Sue

South Carolina congressional map deliberately hurt Black voters, judges rule - Yahoo News

Most HBCU students, other private school attendees excluded from using school IDs to vote in Georgia - Yahoo


Kari in Neverland: Arizona columnist buries GOPer Lake for 'duly-elected governor' claim - Raw Story

Kari Lake goes full bananapants, calls herself the duly elected governor of Arizona - Dailykos

North Carolina DOJ won’t bring voter fraud charges against Mark Meadows - Yahoo News

No Voter Fraud Charges For Mark Meadows - HuffPost Latest News

Arizona recount shows Democrat Kris Mayes beat Republican Abe Hamadeh - MSN

Kari Lake's "forever coup" is what the future looks like —
until we start to see real consequences  - Salon

Arizona Columnist Rips Kari Lake's Cuckoo Land Delusion Of Being Governor - HuffPost Latest News

Transcripts reveal link between Trump, Nevada fake electors - The Independent

Records Find Rep. Drew Ferguson Voted Illegally In Georgia - Second Nexus

Trump-Backed Election Loser Kari Lake Hints At Violence At Conservative Gathering - HuffPost Latest News

Detached from reality Kari Lake slammed for Mar-a-Lago speech inciting her lunatic followers to violence - Raw Story

‘They Messed with the Wrong B*tch’: Kari Lake Vows Retaliation Against ‘Evil Bastards’ She Claims Stole Her Election - Mediaite

Trump attorneys implicated in multi-state plot to copy voting machine data - Raw Story

Conservative talk show host running for office is accused of voting illegally nine times in Georgia - Dailykos

Christian Walker Called His Father's Senate Loss Karma - Newsone



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B.See » 24 Jun 2022, 10:06 am » wrote: The MAGA right isn't even TRYING to pretend it's about so-called "voter fraud" anymore. It's no longer about voter id, or absentee ballots, or mail in ballots, or any of that other false pretense **** they were promoting so that they could do WHAT THEIR AIM IS TO DO - TO RIG THE VOTE IN THEIR FAVOR.

And that's precisely what they are doing:

By packing state election boards with Trump sycophants, domestic terrorists, right winged fascists, conspiracy theory quacks and the like.

By crafting election laws and policies that give them the power to refuse to certify elections, and to throw out election results they don't like.

By setting up paramilitary so-called "election police" and "poll watchers" SOME of whom have already gone from door to door demanding voter information from the citizenry.

By intimidating threatening and terrorizing election workers, local politicians, and other government workers and officials.

And by outright IGNORING judicial rulings on gerrymandering and other findings THEY don't like.all

The extent of their efforts, often ILLEGAL, to sow doubt in the election process, and to overturn and delegitimize the 2020 election knows no bounds, no low TOO low for them.
ALL in response to what lefties have done for years. Lie, cheat, and steal.

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Wisconsin GOP Election Official Boasted Of Targeting Black Voters For Low Turnout, Leaked Email Shows - Newsone
Bob Spindell, vice chair of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, is saying the quiet part out loud.

"Incredibly racist": Wisconsin GOP official boasts about suppressing Black, Hispanic voters - Salon

Kari Lake Says If She's Not Made Arizona Governor, America Will Turn Into A Venezuela - Yahoo News

We’re not done says Pro-Trump group who exasperated PA officials after VERY expensive new 2020 ballot hand count finds NO fraud - Raw Story 
In fact Trump LOST VOTES in the recount.


GOP action on mail ballot timelines angers military families - Yahoo News
Ohio's restrictive new election law significantly shortens the window for mailed ballots to be received — despite no evidence that the extended timeline has led to fraud or any other problems — and that change is angering active-duty members of the military and their families because of its potential to disenfranchise them.


Wife of an Iowan GOP congressional candidate charged with 52 counts of voter fraud - AXIOS


hmmmm. I wonder if she's going to get arrested at fkng GUNPOINT, like DeSantis sent HIS election GESTAPO to do to Black Floridian ex-convicts who mistakenly THOUGHT they had the right to vote. see:

Shocking video shows Florida man arrested at gunpoint under DeSantis’s ‘abominable’ voter fraud raids - The Independent

Bodycam Footage Of Black Floridians Being Arrested At Gunpoint For Voting Sparks Outrage - Comic Sands

I wonder if she's going to get SIX FKNG YEARS like Pamela Moses, who later got the charges dropped after proving she had cause to believe her rights to vote had been restored, and that evidence in her trial had been WITHELD. see:

Charges Dropped Against Pamela Moses, Who Was Jailed Over Voter Fraud - The New York Times

Naahhhhhhh.... She'll probably get off scott FREE, JUST LIKE MARK MEADOWS DID.


Democrats Flip Virginia Seat Held by Republicans for Over 25 Years - Newsweek

Democratic victory in Virginia special election likely dooms proposed abortion ban -Yahoo News

2020 Michigan electors sue state's fake Trump electors for illegal scheme to take their places - Raw Story


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These GOP-sponsored bills would restrict voting by imposing harsh criminal penalties: report - Alternet

Republicans have already filed dozens of bills to restrict voting in 2023 | US voting rights - The Guardian  
Measures in Texas would raise criminal penalties and create voting-focused GESTA.... correction... "law enforcement unit." 

Texas GOP slammed over proposal to give indicted Texas AG Ken Paxton, new powers to pursue Trump's Big Lie - Raw Story

Court rejects Arizona Republican scheme to end early voting - The Hill

Judge strikes down Matt Gaetz claim voter suppression is free speech - Raw Story

Missouri Republicans are upset with the will of their voters, so they plan to change the rules - Dailykos


Missouri has a long and proud history of ballot initiatives. There are always opportunities for voters to put items on the ballot and pass them beyond the state legislature, making direct changes to Missouri law.

The Missouri legislature has fought back against this practice before, most recently by dragging their feet and then pushing back against Medicaid expansion.

(But) With more ballot measures successfully passing, Missouri Republicans are becoming worried they can’t shape their government to fulfill their deepest, darkest desires, especially when the statewide voters turn them down.


‘I see things now that I’ve never seen before’: the Maricopa county attorney fighting false election claims | US news - The Guardian 
Tom Liddy, a lifelong Republican, is a target of his own party for fending off lawsuits against the county over blatant election lies

Manhattan Pro-Trump Twitter Troll, Douglass Mackey, Loses Bid to Toss Election Interference Charges - Law and Crime  Mackey claims it was his 'first amendment right' to deprive 4,900 voters of their right to vote by producing a fraudulent Clinton ad telling voters they could 'vote from home'


The Republican candidate who promised she is not a witch owes the IRS big money - Raw Story

Al Bedrosian, a newly minted member of the Roanoke City, Virginia Electoral Board thought Trump won 2020 by 'millions of votes' - Raw Story

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Arizona GOP slammed for changing rules to exempt themselves from public records law - Raw Story   "Republicans, using their small majority in the House and Senate, decided this week to exempt lawmakers from public records laws in order to cover up future misconduct," wrote Montini.


Official who refused to cooperate with illegal AZ hand-count describes threatening environment in resignation letter - Raw Story


‘You’re the Frickin’ Governor of Arizona!’ Steve Bannon Takes Election Denialism to Bonkers New Level in Wild Interview With Kari Lake - Mediaite

Kari Lake suffers second rejection from Arizona Supreme Court over election appeal - Raw Story

Kari Lake Wants the RNC to Float Her Legal Bills - MSN



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The republican party is nothing but a scam party.