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Posted by Stinky McPeterson
  4,126 28 Jul 2016, 12:56 am

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Cannonpointer » 27 Jul 2016 11:05 pm wrote:
I'm still dizzy from writing it - and from sex with techie's mom. Even though I remember the scene vividly, I rarely jack to it - same as when I broke my collar bone.

She's a big gal, and pushy - a little intimidating. But she wanted sex, and since she was the one with the gun, I complied. I think I was scared stiff.

She greased herself up with Vaseline and threw herself on the back lawn, shouting, "Get naked, get on top and get busy!" So I fucked her.

I think I fucked her. It got confusing, with me crying, her laughing, and techie rubbing the dog's balls while time-keeping. Techie said I lasted longer than any other of his friends before puking and running screaming from the yard.

If a person gouges out his own eyes, do visual recollections disappear? :huh:

lol......10 buckaroos to give to mrs tech on her day off from the freeway exit holding a will work for food sign
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