Part of the Art Billionaires Utilize to Corrupt

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Part of the Art that so called rich billionaires utilize to Corrupt the people like Trump uses so well.

First, I learned this in school, the mosaic tobacco virus. It took a real scientist to figure out long ago that there was a disease nobody knew that infected the tobacco plant.
He spent his days pulverizing tobacco leaves and pushing them through mesh filters, again and again, until finally, like a microbiologist he figured it was something smaller, but still a piece of RNA,
a viral particle. Took a long time.

Ever wonder about CRISPR, clustered regularly interspaced short palindrophic repeats, how the knowledge of it came about? It came from microbiologist who studied bacteria that were infected with viruses. They noted that somehow bacteria have their own independent way of immunity in which to deal with viruses. And they were employed by cheese and yogurt manufacturers.
But Why, that was the question a Scientist one woman from the University of Berkeley asked. The enzymes that bacteria manufacture, that fight off a new viral particle was the only clue. 

Everyone knows proteins made by cells are bizarre and how could you unfold them, it's a crazy game. How could bacteria, single cell life with a thin cell wall do that? And its **** amazing to say the least.

And then, there's mRNA, the new vaccines to fight the SARS CoV-2 - did you know that mRNA is the new forefront to fight against a lot of disease, including cancer, and even malaria?

This all comes from raw scientific research from places like the NIH, where we as tax payers spend billions each and every year?

And off the hook, Billionaires who don't know **** profit. People like Trump, who filed bankruptcy, what 6 times, some guy who fights and loses in court thousands of times and now somehow thinks he can take a huge dump on our democracy, and he gets away with it... oh Come on Ted Cruz, you are an *******, who doesn't know that?

Trump recently said, Pfizer planned to announce its successful vaccine after the election because he was just about to reduce the high cost of medicine. Or maybe, just maybe could it be Mr. ******* Trump, you're just saying that after you lost the election. I mean you could have done it a year or two ago. You could have done it before the pandemic when the greatest economy ever that you created was going strong. But oh no, you had to wait. 

You're a dick. And we all know that it did take a Russian Microbiologist to figure that much out firsthand about the Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 
And this was before Tolstoy wrote his famous book, "War and Peace",  almost like he was saying,
Donald Trump, you stupid **** Moron!!!

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