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They scream it, Critical Race Theory is being pushed on our children. They are making kids feel guilty for being white! How dare they!
First of all, the study of critical race theory is a graduate study phrase that was lifted by some rightwing propagandist who found it in in some of footnotes of the 1619 project, a way to tell the truth about the history of slavery. No white children are being made to feel guilty for being white - that would be obtuse for a myriad of reasons.

And yet, Isn't it interesting that when you try to correct American history, you have not only some criticism, but a whole lot of lies all perpetuated by those who make it their lives work to rewrite any history. Say, even the last four years.

Please, I mean, I want my kids, and I want myself to know the truth about history. But then again, is it the right voice at the right time? Any teaching of history must take incredible care, yet still be true. Which way do you go from the start? In graduate school you could focus on a decade, just one decade, to uncover a great deal of truths. You can't do that with children. Yet, you do need to show the honest basic truths.

I see in the purlance of free thought regarding history, this 1619 project as important even if it might have missed some points. But then, we cannot go that far without the backlash. Sadly, we are a country that is not ready to completely and freely educate ourselves on the many contrivances, the myriad of ill conceived conceptions, as if, history was taught only to reflect what its not. History is the past, fixed. It's a fact, not easily uncovered. And sadly in places it has all too often been layered thin. ... cant-cost/


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It's not really about critical race theory. Conservatives have found a race issue to seize upon that fires up their base. There's nothing like fights over children and their education to get people mad and ready to fight. Especially race. Furthermore the political right doesn't want any discussion in schools over systemic racism. For them racism is at best something in the past or worse an occasional problem with some individuals. That's the myth they are determined to preserve.

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Most of the opposition is the teaching of history that doesn't show the U.S. as always being altruistic

As a child, I read Laura Ingalls Wilder and the We Were There books.

Well, you know who wasn't there; Native Americans, African Americans, and Chinese. Just missing.

I read We Were There at the Oklahoma Land Rush. Native Americans seemed to be completely missing from Oklahoma.

No mention of the theft of land from the Native Americans. Slavery was just a benevolent work program for the benefit of unemployed Africans. (Sarcasm).

Robber Barons, child labor, and racism is a major portion of our history. Expendable human beings.

We need to stop hiding from our history. Some of it isn't very pretty. We need to start dealing with the fact that many parts of our history  need to come into the light.

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