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I want to share some good news with you, in what I and many others believe about killing cancer. I will put a few links below.

There are many cancer victims who are using this simple & logical approach to their cancers with great success, and even as a preventative it is worth pursuing.

Cancer needs two things to survive in a body, sugar, and an acidity body with a low PH. As a preventative measure if you keep your PH balance at 7.25 to 8., and limit sugar you will deny cancer your body as a host to cancer. If you can get your body PH into that range your entire body system will start work properly. More PH is not good, anymore than less is. PH is affected by medications and foods your consume, so study up on alkaline foods to include in your diet. HOW do you check PH? You can buy litmus strip kits on line and some drug stores. They come with a little color chart to compare your saliva on the PH strip with. It will tell you how acidic your body is. Study how much baking soda to use. Watch the instructional vids on YouTube.

The way you can kill cancer in your body is by simply taking a glass of warm water, and adding baking soda & molasses to it, while working to ge your PH to the 7.2 . This attaches the baking soda to the sugar. Just stir and drink. What happens is the cancer cell wants the sugar you introduced into your body, so when the cell takes it in, it also takes the baking soda inside and like a Trojan Horse, the cell is killed from inside. That's it!!

Hopefully people can avoid chemo just by practicing to balance their PH.

If you know of people recently diagnosed with cancer, get them on baking soda & molasses & checking their PH for a 7.2 - 8. See YouTube This is Vern Johnson with a remarkable survival testament to this practice, but there are more. are the PH Strips & like I say read up on it. They come with intructions. ... =ph+strips

See other vids at youtube, research this, get your body in order. Cancer needs an acidic body & to be fed sugar. Get litmus papers to read the PH. has them. Save a life

I hope this helps save a life. :)
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