Only Idiots Open Carry

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  428 07 Dec 2017, 12:18 am


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As you may alt-right gun fondlers are big time into open carry. These alt-right dim wits not only strap on holsters with pistols to make up for their tiny penises, they carry military style assault rifles.

They do this for several reasons:

1. Because deep down they are chicken shits they brandish these weapons to intimidate members of the general public.

2. They do it fuck with the cops and stress out the cops. Alt-righties hate the rule of law and cops are a symbol of what they hate.

3. They pretend they are advocating for the 2nd amendment.

4. They are ASSHOLES!

Open carry is just plain stupid but so are the alt-righties. As the video shows, it is especially easy to steal a holstered pistol from your average alt-rightie because your average alt-righty is especially stupid.

The stupidity of open carry is obvious to normal people but not to a gun fondling brain dead alt-righty. Alt-righties are a special kind of stupid.
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