If the poor are so hungry why are they so fat?

Started by TheNightStalker

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Posted by Misty
  26,503 09 Jan 2014, 5:25 pm

Misty Nevertheless, she persisted.
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TheNightStalker » 08 Jan 2014 7:20 pm wrote:
If the poor are so hungry why are they so fat?

Because unhealthy foods are full of chemicals, which are much cheaper than real food.

I see these fat fucks waddling around the grocery store with their fat fucking kids and paying for it with an EBT card. So why are libs always crying about poverty and kids going hungry? What BULLSHIT. Fucken liars.

I'm always amazed at how all you right wingers are so nosy that you need to look over someone's shoulder to see how people are paying for their groceries.
When I go food shopping, I mind my own business.
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