who released the Christie emails?

Started by Thrash-Ra

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Posted by Obummerstinks
  11,019 09 Jan 2014, 9:19 am

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Thrash-Ra » 09 Jan 2014 8:14 am wrote:
I would suspect the Tea Party of a behind-the-scenes smear campaign before the Dems, honestly. Christie is bipartisan and would work across the aisle, imo. They want someone in there who is going to push a rabidly conservative ideology.

Possibly. Let's not forget it's a two-way street.

Note who wants to tar and feather the guy before the facts are known.......the regressive extremists. Christie is a moderate, therefore the extremists on both sides don't like them because he'll work with both sides for (gasp) the greater good of the country.

What the extremists are displaying is fear.
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