Chris Christies Press Conference Claims Don't Add Up

Started by skews13

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Posted by deezer shoove
  11,963 10 Jan 2014, 8:54 am

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Huey » 10 Jan 2014 7:49 am wrote:
Skeptic » 10 Jan 2014 7:46 am wrote:

Already said the IRS needs new policies. But, scandal?? BOTH SIDES WERE TARGETED, so where's the scandal?

Don't tell me. Tell the Justice Department who appointed the investigation team. AFTER the investigation you can lecture me on "policies" all you want.

For one who has the screen name "skeptic" you sure don't quesiton much, do you? I think I will wait to see how this plays out.
Daily kos is read by dunderheaded pabulum suckers. The "daily choir" is more like it.
Then skews thinks he's enlightening the world by revealing that his reading base of 2 websites is progressive. Fuck! This shit is so old.

Tip for skews (and a couple others): People just have to read your handle and the title. Don't bother with much text - It never really changes.
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