O'Reilley Out At FOX News....

Started by rayj

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Posted by Misty
  25,088 19 Apr 2017, 2:57 pm

Misty Nevertheless, she persisted.
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rayj » 19 Apr 2017 1:30 pm wrote:
Termin8tor » 19 Apr 2017 1:14 pm wrote:
rayj » 19 Apr 2017 1:13 pm wrote:
Either The 5 or Tucker to replace his show. There goes Fox News.....right into the crapper.
Oh geez, not the Five. :huh:
Yea...I know. The only good thing about that show is Kimberly's legs.
I would do her in a second!

And that's probably about how long it would last.
That's part of the problem at FOX News.
The women are not allowed to wear slacks so pervs like you can ogle their gams.
Their only wardrobe choices are short tight dresses, and shorter tighter dresses.

FYI Kimberly was once married to the Lt. Gov. of California, Gavin Newsom, so you might want to think about the fact that her va-jay-jay has been penetrated by a Liberal before you go there.

What a beautiful couple they were.

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