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Here's how modern propaganda works. First, a couple of partisan hack New York Times pencil pushers write an article posted in the "Politics" Section about Pres. Trump signing the new executive order Promoting Healthcare Choice and Competition across the United States. No doubt they will argue their article is editorial in nature appearing in the Politics Section rather than on the front page. That's the scam. That way they can assign an opinionated, biased headline to the article. The next step is that headline is propagated by the Internet echo chamber participants such as Comcast and Google. Rather than simply documenting the event of the Pres. signing the executive order, and reporting the facts about the order, the main impression the media propagandists want to spread through the use of their "soundbite" Internet headlines is "Trump Undermines The ACA." This is why Americans no longer trust the media.ImageImageImageSaveSaveSave
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