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Debate the issues that are the valued by liberals in this political chat forum. Try to stay on topic and respect your fellow liberals. We all feel strongly about certain issues. Keep that in mind as you debate with your peersin the liberal forum. Forum Rules

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Posted by Linda Brown
  1 10 Aug 2015, 3:26 am

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I agree with you Annie. I can only take short doses of all of this too.

But perhaps its good training.... learning to " toughen up" just a little bit. When you grow up in a sheltered world which is generally kind and polite.... the rest of the world can come as a shock......

. But those who can adapt... can survive without giving up their core...and I have a feeling in the years to come.... we are going to have to learn how not to let ourselves be insulted.

This Forum...from what I can see so far.... is at the base ... goodhearted... I am looking forward to learning a lot from it.
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